Kickstart From The Heart – The Watcher, No Enemy But Peace, The Seven Seals, Imaginary Places And Nocturnal

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Bleeding Cool’s  Kickstarter Correspondent, Shawn Demumbrum has lead three Kickstarter campaigns to launch comic books, two successfully funded and one that wasn’t.  Each week he will point out some of the unique Kickstarter projects that wouldn’t normally be published by the big comic book companies, but deserve your attention.  Shawn’s current project Break the Walls: Stories Inspired by the Songs of the Pixies is also being funded through Kickstarter.

Project: The Watcher

Creator: Shadow Woolf

Concept: The Watcher is the story of a man who can see in to people, has seen the world several times, been alive for longer then anyone can remember, and has almost infinite knowledge from absorbing so much. The only catch is, no one can see him or notice him and he cannot interact with people, the worst part, even with all of his intelligence, he doesn’t understand why. The Watcher is a lonely man looking for his purpose in life.
Fundraising for: “I want to get the comic printed physically but I need money to print the issue.”
Sweet spot: Pledge $10 or more. A signed copy of the comic and a special mention at the end of the book.
Cool Zone: Pledge $15 or more. A signed copy of the comic, a special mention at the end of the book, and a drawing of yourself in the style of the comic.

Tipping point: The idea of an invisible, omniscient being isn’t a new idea, but being able to see how it impacts him personally is.

So far: $222 of $150 with 6 days to go

Project: No Enemy, But Peace

Creator: Richard C. Meyer

Concept: “No Enemy, But Peace is the true story of Marco Martinez, a former gang-banger who found his true calling as a rifleman in the Marines. When his friend and squad leader, Corporal Timothy Tardif is injured during their first firefight, Martinez rallies his embattled squad while single-handedly taking down a bunker full of jihadists.”
Fundraising for: “The plan for this Kickstarter campaign is to fund a digitally-colored and expanded version of this story to publish in time for the tenth anniversary of the battle which occurred on April 12, 2003.”
Sweet spot: Pledge $25 or more. A copy of both the digitally-colored version of the book and the original black and white version of the book as well as a digital copy of the book.
Cool Zone: Pledge $100 or more. An 8.5”x11” personalized drawing by Richard C. Meyer, signed copies of both the digitally-colored version and original black and white versions of the book, and a digital copy of the book
Tipping point: Inspirational true war story.

So far: $2,943 of $3,500 with 8 days to go

Project: The Seven Seals

Creator: Gael F. Hyppolite and Stephen Hyppolite

Concept: “The storyline features Lucifer, recounting his exploits over the course of human history, interacting with characters like Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, and many others, in his attempt to collect the power of the human soul and exact his revenge against the forces of Heaven.”
Fundraising for: “We’re attempting to raise $1500 to cover the costs preparing the first 6 issues and get them out to our backers.”
Sweet spot: Pledge $25 or more. “We’ll bundle everything and print the artwork and the first 6 issues as a TPB and then send it all to you! This includes the extended appearance as a character in the series and digital copies of everything.”
Tipping point: A comic book version of Sympathy of the Devil meshed with historical fiction.

So far: $104 of $1,500 with 8 days to go

Project: Imaginary Places

Creator: Chris Sweeney and Tim Larsen

Concept: “Imaginary Places is an intriguing, modern fantasy in which an eccentric retired billionaire puts together a rag tag crew to search for places thought to only exist in myth, all in the name of science…or so it seems!”
Fundraising for: “I will be using this to go towards printings to insure that there will be plenty to show and handout!”
Sweet spot: Pledge $10 or more. A signed copy of Imaginery Places #1.
Cool Zone: Pledge $50 or more. A variant copy of Imaginery Places #1 (limited to 10), a signed copy of Imaginery Places #1, 2 sets of 6 Imaginery Places postcards, a signed mini poster, and a limited print T-shirt.
Tipping point: I loved watching The Land that Time Forgot and other 50s and 60s monster films.  I get that kind of vibe from the description of this comic.

So far: $296 of $350 with 8 days to go

Project: Nocturnal

Creator: Steven Jon Whritner and James Zirco Fisher

Concept: “Set in modern day new orleans, a young commercial artist, while out on the town at the uber chic nightclub Nocturnal, meets and ends up falling hard for a beautiful and mysterious woman who turns out to be an insatiable night demon that feeds on human flesh. Soon our reluctant hero is caught between his growing passion for a woman cursed with a killer craving and his newfound responsibility to rid the world of this soulsucking femme fatale. His final sacrifice for the girl he loves is as romantic as it is horrifying!”
Fundraising for: “Your generous pledge will help fund the premiere print publication of the graphic novel NOCTURNAL.”
Sweet spot: Pledge $35 or more. A copy of the full color soft cover edition of Nocturnal.
Cool Zone: Pledge $65 or more. A copy of the deluxe, hardcover, limited collector’s edition of Nocturnal signed by the author and artist.
Tipping point: This looks like a book for Lady Death fans.  I was interested based upon the artist video and his sample art not related to Nocturnal.

So far: $3,322 of $27,000 with 11 days to go

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