DC New 52 To Restore Three Month Buffer With Fill-In Artists

DC New 52 To Restore Three Month Buffer With Fill-In Artists

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Dean Butters wrote for Bleeding Cool from San Diego Comic Con, where he came across this little titbit.

Bleeding Cool has been listing a number of temporary creative changes of late on DC books. This may be why.

I have learned that a number of the DC New 52 books will have a few issues with fill in artists, in an attempt to get the books back to a position where the artists are working three issues ahead of schedule, as was the case at the start of the the New 52.

Issues with fill in artists are at times negatively perceived by the fans, as something imposed on creators by an editorial team that does not value the creative team. The reality though, is that the need for a fill in artist actually comes out of a love for the creative team and a desire to keep that team on the book.

Allowing the penciler to catch up, takes that backend pressure off both the inker and colorist, and allows them to work on the full issue. When a book runs over deadline both the inkers and colorists can loose work. So love your fill in artists because it is all about a love of inkers and colorists…

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