ShiftyLook Moves Into Cartoons - Bravoman, Jim Zub, Scott Kurtz And More

ShiftyLook Moves Into Cartoons – Bravoman, Jim Zub, Scott Kurtz And More

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ShiftyLook, the NAMCO/Bandai company that recreates classic games from their back catalogue as webcomics, in order to recreate them has brands has announced two new projects, at their panel at San Diego Comic Con. But rather than new webcomics, they are both animated cartoons.

The first is Bravoman, with the subtitle Cartoon Of Unequalled Excellence, by Jim Zub and Matt Moylan taking the webcomic and turning into a fully animated series, starring Bravoman, Alpha, Anti-Bravo and Waya and voiced by Animaniacs‘ Rob Paulsen.

The second is Mappy: The Beat by Scott Kurtz, Kris Straub and Mary Cagle in the style of their Blamimations cartoons, with Mappy as a policeman trying to police video game characters down on their luck. Scott and Kris will also voice the cartoon.

But they haven’t ignored the webcomics. We also get the vertical-scrolling arcade game Dragon Spirit, recreated by
Erik Ko, Jim Zub and Steven Cummings, Golly! Ghost! by Chris Eliopoulos, taking on the 90s arcade shooter, and Klonoa by Jim Zub drawn by Hitoshi Ariga, based on the platform game.

Again and again, ShiftyLook are showing new ways and means to fund the creation of new comics… and chance of something based on Jet Set Willy now?

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