Archaia Takes Us Back To SPACE: 1999

Archaia Takes Us Back To SPACE: 1999

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Licensed comics continue to be one of the hottest categories for indy publishers, so it should be no surprise to see some new announcements at SDCC this year. Case in point: Archaia has just announced Space: 1999.

Based on the tv series which ran from 1975-77, Long-lived comic publisher Charlton published a b&w magazine and a comic based on the series at the time, which is remembered for including early work by John Byrne. It also featured Gray Morrow art, and I note the Archaia pr mentions remastered Gray Morrow art, so it will be interesting to see if they are using the or expanding upon the Charlton material in their new series.

The series will be published via Comixology and then collected into hardcover editions for print.

LOS ANGELES, CA (July 11, 2012) – Award-winning graphic novel publisher Archaia Entertainment has led the charge on digital-first publication, releasing chapters from upcoming books weeks, and sometimes months, in advance of the print edition through an exclusive partnership with comiXology, the revolutionary digital comics platform with over 75 million comic downloads to date and a selection of more than 25,000 comics and graphic novels. Today, Archaia Entertainment and comiXology announce a new wave of high-profile digital premieres debuting digitally in advance of their hardcover collected print edition.

SPACE: 1999: AFTERSHOCK AND AWE is the first of a series of hardcover graphic novels based on the late 1970s science-fiction TV series, re-introduced to a modern audience by author Andrew Gaska (Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes, Critical Millennium) and artists David Hueso, Gray Morrow, and Miki. The new title reignites this classic property about an atomic accident that sends the moon hurtling out of Earth’s orbit and into deep space. The story begins in AWE, which adapts the pilot episode of SPACE: 1999, “Breakaway,” as seen through the personal logs of Commander John Koenig and Professor Victor Bergman on Moonbase Alpha, expanded to include both new and unfilmed material, and utilizing the remastered art of comics legend Gray Morrow as a basis for this revolutionary retelling of a sci-fi classic. Future digital single issues will continue the story as AFTERSHOCKexplores the social, political, and environmental impact of this disaster on Earth itself.

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