Marvel Reprints Two Jim Starlin Thanos Stories In Comic Form For September

The last we heard from Jim Starlin was annoyance that he didn't even get an invite to see the Avengers movie, featuring his own Thanos in the end credits

In September, Jim Starlin, the creator of Thanos – recently revived in the Marvel Universe in Avengers Assemble – is kicking off two new reprint series.

Thanos: The Final Threat #1 follows the Mad Eternal as he gathers the cosmic Infinity Gems in a bid for interplanetary power! Can even the combined might of the Avengers, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, and others stand up to Thanos might? But that's not all! Jim Starlin and Ron Lim continue the son of Titan's quest for power in Thanos Quest #1! Except this time, he's looking destroy half the population of the universe, and rule all he surveys! And with a cover featuring the concept art from Marvel's The Avengers by Andy Park, no fan can miss out!

You know that Infinity Gauntlet TPB? Now would be a really good time to buy it.

This is all in aid of Thanos appearing in Avengers Assemble #7 by Bendis and Bagley with the Avengers and the new Guardians Of The Galaxy teaming up to fight him. Bendis Guardians Of The Galaxy spinoff to come in October anyone?

This is a remarkable return for Jim Starlin to Marvel as well, after he and Marvel split under a cloud last time… leaving an unfinished Thanos series and vows that Starlin would never work with Marvel again. Yup, it's reprint. No wonder things seemed… slightly familiar. This was his quote back then;

"Due to irreconcilable creative differences, Jim Starlin will no longer be working on the Thanos series for Marvel Comics. His last penciled and scripted issue will be #6, and he is currently finishing the script for #7."

And nothing has changed since. No new work from Jim for Marvel, no matter how many weirdly misleading press release they send out…


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