Margaret Thatcher - Brain Snatcher, At Kapow This Weekend

Margaret Thatcher – Brain Snatcher, At Kapow This Weekend

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At the Kapow comic convention this weekend, a new anthology comic is launching called Overload, with a lead strip by Gordon Rennie, Emma Beeby and Eoin Coveney, with a zombie critique of modern Coalition Britain. So who better to lead the New Undead than Margaret Thatcher?

She shut the coal mines, privatised every major public utility in the UK, introduced the poll tax, pre-empted the banking crisis and stole the milk from our childrens’ mouths – and now she’s back from the dead to re-take her rightful place as the leader of the country from the weak-minded ConDem coalition.

The cover is by Graeme Neil Reid, depicting “the dead returning from the grave and former prime ministers attempting to re-take 10 Downing Street”

Other strips include Comfort by Dave Cook and Gary Crutchely, Staring Into The Eye Of A Blackbird, You Can See The Things He Likes And The Things He Doesn’t by Martin Hayes and Graeme Howard, Omen by Geoffrey D. Wessel and Steve Penfold, ‘Open Source by Cy Dethan and Aaron Moran, and Otherworld Sailor by Matt Gibbs and James Reekie

[issuu width=420 height=325 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120509192843-0f15b29b4c80449cafadd0ccf6604751 name=overload1 username=martinconaghan tag=anthology unit=px v=2]

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