Sunday Runaround – Pekar, Positions And PVP

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PekarWatch: “Harvey Pekar’s Cleveland” by Harvey Pekar and artist Joseph Remnant is to have a Cleveland book-release party at 7 pm on Tuesday at Big Dog Theater in Cleveland Heights.

DiamondWatch: Want a job at Diamond? Tom Mason has found five open positions

PVPWatch: Scott Kurtz sees Mark Waid’s Thrillbent as the future of comics.

Webcomicers have had a strong advantage for a while now: we’ve been the only people who truly believe in the business model of giving content away up front, building an audience, and then monetizing that audience. Up until this point, everyone in the comic book industry has been trying to sell digital comics. You pay to read. And you pay as much as print comics to read. Comixology, iVerse,, etc. None of them really do what we do. Those companies make money for two entities: Themselves and Apple. The syndicates certainly don’t understand how it works. Their heads are so far up their asses they can’t hear the radio anymore. And the major comic book publishers are a tiered system of dedicated creators who love the artform, working for companies content to keep the direct market alive to fuel their movie making engines. Everyone is easily 15 years behind us. They’re just now starting to examine what we did back in the late 90’s.

Until now? Until Mark Waid started figuring it out? Maybe?

FunkyWatch: The Mansfield News Journal decides that gays are okay for comics.

Next week you’ll find Funky Winkerbean characters on the comics page addressing the social issue of gays attending high school proms. Again, we reviewed the content, but this time found the message acceptable. The focus of the comic strip is tolerance, not sexual orientation.

MoCCAWatch: Torsten Aldair gets stuck in;

If I can learn something from comics, I will.  I don’t even care if it’s something I’m not particularly interested in… I’ll read it anyway, just to discover something new.  Which is also the reason I go to shows like MoCCA Fest… I might not be interested in most of the stuff on display, but I’ll probably find something of interest anyway.

Oh, and if the comics are fun?  SCORE!  If I can use that info to make my life more fun?  MVP, baby!  So that’s how I felt when I bought Bill Roundy’s Bar Scrawl comics.  He draws comics reviews of bars, and had two collections for sale: Park Slope, and Williamsburg.  Now, I don’t venture out to those areas much (Union Hall being the only one I visited, because of Tough Pigs), but I did enjoy the comics, and they all sound like interesting watering holes.  He was also selling his 24-hour comic, Pirates Take Manhattan.  There’s pirates, trolls, Greek myth, dancing, robots, aliens, monkeys, ninjas, and a happy ending.


This is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

VAPOR TRAIL: Heart Like An Elephant

My favorite Cory moment from when I worked at Larry’s table is when, on a Sunday afternoon, the president of DC Comics walked over to say hi as a cordial formality, and in the same spirit said if there’s anything he can do to be helpful to say so.  Without missing a beat, Cory spoke up and said that there was a light in their booth that was shining directly in our eyes and if he could move it that would be great.  Paul, the president, looked confuzzled.  Larry & I had to stifle our laughter.  When he explained to Cory that was the president of a major division of a major corporation being nice to a peer she was unmoved — “He said if he could be helpful he would — that would be helpful, sweetie!  You said that light was giving you guys a headache.”

Library of Congress adds classic children’s books to free online library. | A Distant Soil by Colleen Doran

The Library of Congress has added an outstanding selection of classic children’s books to its online digital library. The illustrated books feature the works of artists such as Walter Crane and Kate Greenaway. The scans are very good and I love the format!



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