C2E2: Valiant Panel – “The Visigoth Sword Is A Metaphor” (UPDATING)

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Cody Walker is tweeting from the Valiant panel at C2E2 for Bleeding Cool. He have seperated him from Sam Walker, currently covering the Vertigo panel.

Cary Nord is a Valiant exclusive artist

“Didn’t want to change the core concept of X-O Manowar”

“reinventing the aliens so you can relate to them.”

The main idea is to keep the core concept of @ValiantComics characters

Cory has been knee deep in research to capture what it was like to be alive during the roman empire.

The Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic cover for X-O #2 is sooooo gorgeous My damn phone camera won’t work.

I talked with the @ValiantComics guys yesterday and they were so infectiously enthusiastic about everything. Can’t wait!

“How can you go wrong with a lightning sword?”

“the Visgoth sword is a metaphor for Aric’s journey.”

Showing off the voice variant cover. Will this be the new foil cover idea? I hope so!

About the voice cover “Here is bringing the interactivity of the internet to print.”

“We’re going to try crazy things – you’re probably not going to like all of them, but we’re trying them.”

“One of the ways we knew the voice cover was a success was when we saw it was parodied on Youtube”

Talking about Harbinger which is out on June 6. Written by Joshua Dysart and art by Khari Evans.

“What is it that made Harbinger a successful book?”

“At the time, it was something that Marvel and DC weren’t doing. No fights on moon bases”

On Harbinger “I’m skiddish about what we’re doing on it. I like it but it’s different than anything you’ve ever seen.”

“we want to update the original Harbinger concepts”

“What’s it like to be 18 years old in this media saturated environment and have powers like this?”

“The @ValiantComics from 20 years ago were about 20 years from now. We’re looking to 20 years from now.”

Harbinger #2 will feature a cover with a talking dog. How can you go wrong?

Unveiling of the Pullbox variant cover and discussing how to bring back retailers who are skittish

July 11 – Bloodshot #1 by Duane Swierczynski and art by Manuel Garcia and Arturo Lozzi

“Can we talk about why there are two artists on Bloodshot?” “No, we can not.”

The interior art by Manuel Garcia is siiiiiiiiiiick.

On Bloodshot “This book is a book on fire built on a mountain of dynamite. It’s non-stop action.”

“Bloodshot’s tag line is ‘every mission is a suicide mission'”

Seems like the biggest applause is for Archer and Armstrong. Surprising.

Kinda cool to see DC and Marvel talent going over to @ValiantComics Clayton Henry’s art is really kinetic.

I still love the David Aja cover for Archer and Armstrong.

“Neal Adams will be joining us for a variant cover”

“What digital companies will you partner with?” “Look for an announcement in the coming weeks”

“When is Eternal Warrior coming? And will others show up?” “Yes.”

“The Eternal Warrior design was done by Lee Bermejo from @DCComics.” characters will show up in the FCBD book

“Planning on reprinting more hardcovers for old titles” “We plan on rolling some more out. The product will be out digitally”

“We want it to be a new universe first and then harken back.”

“What plans do you have to increase the conversation of the themes and questions to be debated in Harbinger?”

“The original Harbinger didn’t take off right away. The industry today is a central industry. The message will come forward”

“the comic book industry is a precursor for what is going on in the world today.”

“When will you relaunch Bad Eggs?” I have no clue what he is saying. [Bad Eggs was great! – Rich]

“How will Archer be a little different?” “He is exactly the same, but he will be introduced little different”

“This is like Marvel’s Ultimate line. They are similar but different.”

“Crossovers?” “We are carefully placing things into books to where we want to be a year from now.”

“Are there any talks with classic artists for covers?” “We’ve reached out to them and some have said yes and some no”

“We’re forging our own identity and a new identity.”

“Any chance of Quantum and Woody?” “Yes, there is a chance”

“What about Shadowman? What version would you use?”

“We have plenty of plans for A-list characters like Shadowman and Ninjak.”

“We’re having a new title in May, June, July, a new one in August – no one has ever done that before”

“If we’re the number 5 company, I won’t be upset. If we’re the number 3 company, I won’t be surprised.”

The emphasis on @ValiantComics isn’t just to put out titles, but to put out well thought out and connected material.

X-O Manowar will be 40 pages when it comes out.

“How do you make sure books come out on time?

“I turned in the script for issue #5 for X-O back in December. I recognize that I’m the head of manufacturing”

“Where do you guys stand on comic pricing? These days some comics are the price of a car payment” Wish my car payments were $3.99

“Our cover price is $3.99” and a guy actually booed them.  #really?

“I look back to the books being made 20 years ago and they were $2.25, so when I compare, it’s not that bad.”

“It’s a business. $3.99 is the only way we can afford to stay afloat as a business.”

“If we want to compete with @marvel and @DCComics then we have to have $3,99 books to keep afloat.”

“After you read X-O #1 then you won’t be mad you paid $3.99.” Fan says, “I will be.” “You know what? Come up and I’ll give you a few bucks”

That’s all for me @bleedingcool and @ValiantComics! Very exciting stuff on the way!







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