C2E2: Vertigo New Blood Panel – Will Dennis’ Boxer Shorts (UPDATING)

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 Sam Walker is tweeting from the Vertigo panel at C2E2 for Bleeding Cool. We have separated her from her partner COdy Walker, currently covering the Valiant panel.

I am separated from @popgunchaos so I can bring you updates from the @vertigo_comics panel.

This is my third panel staring @Ssnyder1835. He is a popular guy.

Sean Murphy is writing a new new mini called punk rock Jesus

Murphy says it is a comic to let him speak on his religious and political beliefs in a fun way

Bill willingham says fairest is a way to focus on smaller stories outside the epic-ness of Fables

Fairest is also a good way to get other writers to work on a fables title

Next fables arc to take place in Toyland #creepy

“New Deadwardians is walking dead meets downton abbey”

Will Dennis says the pink camo cover for Losers was a picture of his boxers

Next American Vampire arc to expand on the first arc

Azzarello says he doesn’t like the Spaceman 7 cover “needs 20% more fun”

Vertigo to release a girl with the dragon tattoo comic adaptation.

So they can’t call it “free comic day” but it will be free and it will release for the first weekend in may

Stand alone hardcover. Anthony Bourdain? Really?!

New title announcement Collider by Simon Oliver of Exterminators

No one can talk about Unwritten

Sweet Tooth – We will finally find out why the world is the way it is

So this guy just said he had a question for mark buckingham (he isn’t here dummy)

Bill Willingham says he could write another Fables novel but it would be several years away

On Vertigo characters moving to DC, Will Dennis says “it’s cool, just dont take them and write bad stories”

Bill willingham says he will release 52 new Fables titles #heisjoking

John Bailey was also at the panel. This was his take;

On the panel are Scott Snyder, Bill Willingham, Brian Azzarello, Editor Will Denis, Sean Murphy, and Ryan Kelly.
The first slide is for Punk Rock Jesus, a min series by Sean Murphy coming out in July. Sean Murphy: “I wanted to write a story that addressed my religious and political concerns that fun and doesn’t beat people over the head to much.” Sean has been working on the project off and on for seven years. “I don’t have an axe to grind. If I turned people off with this, I failed.” He then describes it to us if Jesus Christ was cloned and brought back to Earth it would be a sort of Truman Show style thing, but the clone doesn’t believe that he really is Jesus and escapes, becoming a punk rocker. Protecting him is an ex-IRA bodyguard that does believe he is the second coming of Jesus. The series is black and white, 32 pages per issue.

Next is the third issue of Fairest. Bill Willingham: “Fairest will basically be the home of smaller, more intimate stories, individual or small groups of Fables characters that can all be considered the “fairest in the land.” Also, Willingham doesn’t want other creators writing Fables proper, but thinks that their good stories can be used in Fairest. The second story takes place in Japan, and the third will be an Indian (neighbor of Pakistan) tale, utilizing Indian mythology.

Fables cover #118 pops up. Willingham: “We’re going for full creepitude with this (Cubs in Toyland) storyline. The story is summed up to this point, and the theme to it is “Parents keep your children close”.

New Deadwardians #3! The Walking Dead meets Northanger Abbey. Will Denis: “It’s a really fun, self contained eight issue series”. The series is about a vampire detective in a London made up mostly of vampires and zombies.

Saucer Country #3, featuring the most intense looking rabbit I have ever seen. Saucer Country is a UFO tale, about a presidential candidate that gets *possibly* abducted by aliens, and how she is more determined than ever to win the presidency and discover the truth. (It’s a great series, try it out!) Kelly talks about how the other characters in the series are starting to grow to rival the main character (Arcadia).

Dominique Laveau: Voodoo Child #3 comes up, and is given a brief summary: Basically magic and mayhem in New Orleans (Also great! Buy it!)

The cover to American Vampire #28 comes up and Scott Snyder goes over what he said in the DC All-Access panel: The arc is set in 1955 and its a team up between Skinner and Pearl, killing vampires in Hollywood.

American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares #1 comes up, and it’s described in the same way as at the DC All-Access panel, the mini revolves around the biggest most scary Carpathian (Dracula-esque) vampire in the world, that’s been buried in the Tower of London for a long long time.

Spaceman #7! Brian Azzarello: It’s been really fun working on this series.” Spaceman is set in a dystopic future, where science has advanced, but hasn’t really improved the quality of life.

The cover to Sweet Tooth issue number 32 is the next slide. Scott Snyder sings the books praises, while Will Denis says that everyone in the production line hates it because it’s so different from what all the other books are like. (Not complaining about the quality of the book or the content).

Vertigo’s Free Comic for Free Comic Book Day! Except they can’t call it that! But it will be out the same day and for free! The cover features The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo adaptation DC is putting out.

Get Jiro! In a future Los Angeles, food is the only bit of culture left and two rival chef schools have knife fights in the street over food preparation doctrine. Enter Jiro, a man that just wants to make the best food he can, and is willing to break the rules to do it.

And the last slide is, sadly, the final issue of Scalped #60. It calls back to the first cover, while promising that the series will not end the way that you think it will.

Announcement! Collider, a new monthly series by Simon Oliver, of the Exterminators fame. The story is about the “A-team with quantum physics. They’re like storm chasers, tracking down these phenomena.” (I loved the Exterminators, so I’m looking forward to this!)

Question Time!

Q: What is going on in the series The Unwritten?
A: Stuff about books *laughter* I’m not really sure, they’ve been very quiet. We’re as excited as you are!

Q: Will the second trade of the Books of Magic ever coming out?
A: Maybe, I’m not sure about that.

Q: Will the Lucifer title be coming out in hardcover?
A: Again, don’t know.

Q: Any plans for Vertigo animated features?
A: No, but its a great idea, and since he’s here, something that they’ll ask Geoff Johns.

Q: Are there any characters that Bill Willingham wishes he could take from Jack of Fables and use in Fables?
A: People get nostalgic for things, so it’s possible, but probably not.

Q: Will G. Willow Willson be working with Vertigo again?
A: She seems to be focusing on her novels right now, but if she wants to do something, yeah.

Q: Any plans for any more novels in the Fables universe?
A: Bill Willingham: If there is another Fables novel, and I’m inclined to do it, it will be a ways off.

Q: With the move of some characters back to the DCU proper and away from Vertigo, are there any characters that you would want to stay in Vertigo?
A: No, the histories of the characters remain intact so there’s no real need to keep them in Vertigo.

Q: Can Vertigo get even and take a DC character?
A: No.

Q: What about a really depressed Flash that just jogs instead of runs fast?
A: *Laughs*

Q: What does Scott Snyder credit his creativity with? Where does he get his ideas?
A: Scott Snyder: I don’t know. This is all that I’ve wanted to do as a kid. In terms of where my ideas come from, I love stories where characters face something that frightens them, something that could be inside themself. That lends itself to horror, so thats what I write.

Q: Did Scott Snyder read comics as a kid?
A: Scott Snyder: Yeah, all the time. I lapsed in college, but then came back to them.

Q: With The Girl In The Dragon Tattoo dealing heavily with sexual abuse, can you comment on the decision to put her on the cover of the Vertigo Free Comic naked?
A: The answer is based in the text and in how Liz is characterized. Despite the abuse, she is a very sexual person and that dichotomy is a part of the story.

Q: Will any of the hundred new fairytales discovered in Germany’s characters make an appearance in Fables and how would you add them in?
A: Adding them in wouldn’t be a problem, you just have to find a way. And Willingham is looking forward to reading them, so there’s a chance they could make an appearance.

Q: Is the art in American Vampire influenced by historical research or just what you like?
A: Rafael Albuquerque comes up with the styles, and he will generally use posters and styles from the time period to influence his style, but he’ll also add things in that he likes.

Q: Is the main character in Punk Rock Jesus fully accepted as Jesus in the story?
A: That is a major part of the story. Scientists in the story are skeptical and aren’t allowed to examine the evidence around his cloning, politicians are terrified that he will run for president, and religious groups are divided. The island where the cloned Jesus lives is the number one target of terrorist attacks.

Q: Is there any possibility of creating a Jack of Fables anthology of tales set earlier in his life?
A: No, probably (definitely?) not.

Q: For Brian Azzarello and Will Denis, any more crime comics?
A: Will Denis: No, no plans for any more Vertigo crime books, but Brian Azzarello has ideas for more crime books.
(Plug for 100 Bullets Deluxe Editions)

Q: Anything more you can tell us about Collider?
A: It’s been being worked on for a long time, which is always a good sign, but that’s about all that can be said.

Q: For Bill Willingham, do you believe all possible worlds are real worlds, and if so do you believe that the act of imagining creates those worlds?
A: In physics, they believe that any possible outcome does exist, but I hope that not every thought people have creates new worlds.

Q: Will there be any major fights between Pearl and Felicia in American Vampire?
A: Yeah, it’s being worked on right now. They’re Scott Snyder’s favorite characters too.
With that, the panels over! Onward!

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