Seven Thoughts About This New Hi-Def Catwoman Shot

Comic Book Movie have scored the first Hi-Def image of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle as Catwoman and the result is, well, very Christopher Nolan. It's an image that raises more questions than it answers and gives one pretty honking great indicator of a moral choice Miss Kyle makes at one point. Thoughts about shoes, ears, armour and other things after the image itself.

You can click through to get to that in a full-size version.

1. It's the shoes. Men dig the shoes.

The stiletto heels still look ridiculous, but they look significantly less ridiculous now we can see how they fit with the rest of the boots. Hathaway's reference to them being detachable as weapons seems to make a lot more sense now and these almost look like those 'crampon' attachments hardware stores sell every time all that global warming that isn't happening causes freakish snow falls. In fact, these could be climbing spikes too. There's certainly something very climbing shoe-esque about the foot of the boots, which looks designed to hold the foot in a specific position which isn't necessarily the one we're seeing here.

2.The Jim Balent Commemorative Boot Jamboree

Those boots are just Jim Balent-tastic aren't they? Interestingly, and this bears out the removable heels claim, they also look a little baggy. The look here is clearly the sort of pseudo-dom thing that the character has played with for years but it might, just, also be practical.

3.Cat Shark Repellant Not Included

The Cat Utility belt looks a little thin on the ground doesn't it? Hathaway's made reference to how the goggles in particular do a lot of the character's work for her and that's certainly born out by the small amount of small pouches on her belt. Normally I'd say this embodies the character's basically non lethal approach, fists and feet approach to combat but then there's item 4…

4.The Gun

Catwoman is packing heat. It's hard to tell exactly what from the angle and the frankly irritating black pseudo-comic border around the image, but it looks a lot like one of the new Heckler and Koch sidearms.

However, I'd argue it's not what sort of pistol that's important but the fact we're being shown it this early in proceedings. It implies, very heavily, that Catwoman has absolutely no problem with gun play in exactly the way Batman does. It also implies that her using that is an important plot point, especially as we're being shown it this early.

5.Shark Skinning A Cat

The material of her, well, catsuit, has a very interesting and very specific pattern to it. It's visually similar to the pseudo-chainmail in Thor's costume, weirdly, and if I had to guess, I'd say it's some sort of armour, possibly designed to spread kinetic impact as wide as possible. Not quite as stylish as these but you get the idea.

6.Cat's Eyes

Apparently the character's goggles are another vital part of her work loadout and we can see a tiny hint of that here. The domino mask looks to have some sort of connection port under the eyes for the 'ear' component of the goggles. It also looks similar to the weave on the catsuit, suggesting her eyes are if not armoured, at least protected, as well.

7.Cat's Ears

The infamous goggles work a lot better now we can see that they're part of the same rig as the domino mask. Again we can't see much but, again, what we can see suggests a lot of high tech functionality in a small space. There's a hint of electronics, a definite hint of crosshairs if you really squint and they look a lot chunkier, a lot more tech than fashion, than in previous shots.

All in all, you get a much better idea of how each element fits together now they'e all actually visible. What isn't functional at least looks it, and there's much less of a feeling that the cat ears have just been stuck on a black bodysuit than before. But the real question is: What's going on with that gun?