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Anne Hathaway Dishes On A ‘Princess Diaries 3’ | WWHL

Anne Hathaway Adamant She Wants to do ‘Princess Diaries 3’

While Oscar winner Anne Hathaway prepares to take on the role of The Grand High Witch in Robert Zemeckis’ reboot of The Witches, she’s still talking about the possibility of another film: The Princess Diaries 3. On a recent stop on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Hathaway spoke a bit about the possible return of Princess […]

Modern Love: Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey Headline All-Star Cast for Amazon Studios Comedy Anthology

Amazon Studios may have found a way to single-handidly (“single-streamidly”???) employ every working actor in show business today with new project Modern Love. Based on the popular The New York Times column about love and human connection, the eight-episode half-hour romantic comedy anthology explores the many facets of love – including sexual, romantic, familial, platonic, and […]

Serenity - Matthew McConaughey

Second Trailer for ‘Serenity’ Offers More Narrative to Murder Plot

An ironically-named title, Serenity is not what Matthew McConaughey experiences when he discovers there’s far more going on than he realizes on Plymouth Island. Not to be confused with the Joss Whedon 2005 sci-fi film of the same name, Academy Award winner McConaughey stars as Baker Dill, a fishing boat captain offering tours of the […]

[#CinemaCon 2018] Ocean’s 8 Lets You ‘Join The Dream Scheme’ with New Standee

With the National Association of Theatre Owners’ (NATO) CinemaCon getting underway at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, we’re getting a lot of very cool new advertising and promotional materials for a huge slate of upcoming films. Case in point: this promotional standee for photots for Ocean’s 8 – the comedy-action caper starring Sandra Bullock, Cate […]

Watch: New ‘OCEAN’S 8’ Trailer Hits

Ocean’s 8 has had a long journey. Originally rumored to be happening several years ago (during the Ocean’s 13 immediate aftermath), the film has gone through the usual starts and stalls before finally finding it’s story and stars. Sandra Bullock plays Danny Ocean’s (George Clooney) estranged sister Debbie, who attempts to pull off the ‘heist of the […]

Sundance 2017: ‘Colossal’ Is Weird And Heavy Handed But Fascinating To Watch

Colossal has a weird concept that might be hard for some but once the movie settles into itself it’s quite funny and thought provoking. Title: Colossal Director: Nacho Vigalondo Summary: A woman discovers that severe catastrophic events are somehow connected to the mental breakdown from which she’s suffering. Film festivals tend to be the place […]

Anne Hathaway is a Monster!

Neon have released a teaser trailer ahead of their new film’s appearance at Sundance. Colossal stars Anne Hathaway in, well, a very original take on the giant monster film. Hathaway plays a woman who discovers that occasionally she summons a gigantic monster on the other side of the world that mimics her every move, causing […]

37 Minutes Of Extras On Alice Through The Looking Glass Blu-Ray / Digital

Johnny Depp fans take note, the home video release of Alice Through The Looking Glass will be October 18th on Blu-ray, Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere. The follow up to Alice in Wonderland featured the return of Depp as the Mad Hatter as well as Mia Wasikowska as Alice, Anne Hathaway as the White […]

Anne Hathaway, Keanu Reeves, Daniel Radcliffe Join Shane Carruth’s The Modern Ocean

Anne Hathaway, Keanu Reeves, and Daniel Radcliffe are among the names announced as the cast of Primer director Shane Carruth‘s upcoming film, The Modern Ocean. Chloe Grace Moretz, Tom Holland, Asa Butterfield, Jeff Goldblum and Beasts of No Nation‘s Abraham Attah are also set to appear in the film; which, according to previous reports, will […]

Austin Stowell Joins Anne Hathaway In Giant Monster Flick Colossal

Austin Stowell, who appears in Steven Spieldberg‘s new film Bridge of Spies, will star alongside Anne Hathaway in Colossal, according to The Tracking Board. The film, to be directed by Nacho Vigalondo, centers on Hathaway as Gloria, a young woman who loses her fiancé and job, moves back home, and discovers she has a psychic connection […]

Anne Hathaway Producing Sci-Fi Action Comedy

I’ll admit it, during the heyday of the Anne Hathaway hate, I partook in the hyperbolic notion that she was “the worst.” I don’t actually hate her — that utter, inexplicable way people seemed to despise just for existing — she’s just not a number one box office draw for me, but I don’t mind […]

New Interstellar Trailer Expands On The Existing Universe

A new trailer has been released for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film, Interstellar, and it starts to show how different the world. In the opening of the trailer Matthew McConaughey and his family approach what looks to be a downed drone and he pulls the black box… but they speak about it like it’s a wounded […]