Supercrooks by Mark Millar and Leinil Yu: The Prologue

The next issue of CLiNT Magazine accidentally shipped to comic stores three weeks ahead of schedule, requiring Diamond to request that shops not sell the comic. Even thought it had already been on sale for days at Forbidden Planet and in a number of bookstores.

Nevertheless, most seem to have complied.


I’ve been sent a number of scans from the comic by someone who did snag a copy, and while I’m not going to tell you how Kick Ass 2 ends, or just post the pages here for your delicatation, I can tell you something about the Supercrooks prologue that will, apparently, only appear in this issue of CLiNT.

I thought that would be a waste of good Leinil Yu art, and indeed, it’s not actually a comic book. Instead it’s a series of emails from the protagonists of the comic to each, surrounded by sketches and designs of the characters. So, in a manner reminiscent of Matt Beaumont’s e, we are introduced to them in a very involved way, much being given away even by their email addresses.

We have trying to get in touch with A man with electric powers getting out of jail, which probably ties in with that preview, which saw such a man getting put away by a superhero. And a emailing an appeal to, and arranging a European rendevous. And setting up all sorts of plot and character points for the series.

All the emails bounced. Except for Kasey’s…

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