Sunday Runaround – When Robert Crumb Went To India

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CBLDFWatch: Ultimate Comics sells Star Wars toys, Marvel statues and variant covers for the CBLDF.

NovelWatch: Trina Robbins has a new graphic novel on the way. And it sounds spectacular.

“Lily Renée, Escape Artist,” illustrated by Anne Timmons and Mo Oh, follows its subject from her upper-middle-class childhood in Vienna, to her Kindertransport journey to England, to her reunion with her parents in New York. Phillips went on to become another pioneer in the comic book industry as one of its first female artists.

Robbins had included mention of Phillips (who often goes by Lily Renée) in a number of collections she’d put together about female comic book writers and artists, but she was unaware Phillips was alive — until one day in 2010, when an email came from Phillips’ granddaughter. “She had Googled her grandmother to learn about her past, and my name kept coming up,” Robbins explains.

IndiaWatch: The second annual Indian Comic Con notices something every other country has noticed;

The second ‘Comic Con India’ opened with fanfare at the capital`s Dilli Haat Friday. The event showcased a huge range of heroes, both new and old, from Chacha Chaudhary to Munkeeman. But the children who were once the biggest lovers of comics were largely absent.

Acclaimed film-maker and creator of Munkeeman, Abhishek Sharma agreed that more children were now increasingly drawn to interactive media such as internet, than comic books. “This generation of kids is more tuned in to watch television or surf internet, than read comics,” he said.

IndiaWatch2: Chris Oliveros, founder of Drawn and Quarterly is attending. And was good for one or two quotes;

Strolling through this chaos, one man admires the visitors’ costumes as he stops at every stall and looks over the collectibles. This is Chris Oliveros, founder of Drawn and Quarterly, one of the biggest independent publishers of comic books in the world.

First impressions of Comic Con?
Placing a comic convention in a popular market is a great strategy to attract crowds, comic nerds and first-timers alike. This convention is a fantastic medium to build exposure towards a craft that people don’t know much about.

Has any stall caught your eye?
That of World Comics India. One of the writers visited villages in Pakistan and India, encouraging people to tell their stories. Reading it in comic form is sheer pleasure. And that’s what is great about this kind of work — a comic book becomes a great piece of non-fiction writing.

Drawn and Quarterly focuses on underground and alternative comics. How are they different from regular comics?
They are completely different from comics like the Superman or Batman series. I grew up reading superhero comics and detest them now. They seem to be churned out of a factory with the same old plot! It is amazing that Comic Con India was able to get Robert Crumb here.

IndiaWatch3: Indeed he is. Crumb is in Delhi.

Any special reasons for coming to India?
Robert Crumb: We came not just for the invite, but also because my wife has been raving about India for ages. She’s not new here, so I’m hoping to have a good time.

SanDiegoWatch: The Comic Con 2012 Annual. For a very different flavour.

This is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

Maguire World’s Finest art?

Worlds’ Finest preview by Kevin Maguire – Helena and Kara in their Supergirl and Robin outfit, probably on Earth 2. — with The Huntress.

Happy Birthday to 2000AD

2000AD Prog 1 was published on Saturday February 19th 1977, so today is the 35th anniversary of the comic. It’s an impressive achievement that it’s still being published, making it the most successful British adventure comic since Commando was launched in 1961. A special anniversary issue will appear this Wednesday, February 22nd.

Exclusive: The Weitz Brothers Still Want to Do an Elric Movie | Superhero Hype

At the junket for Paul Weitz’s upcoming movie Being Flynn (out March 2), we asked the writer/director what was happening with that project, and this is what he told us:

Our Digital Comics Strategy is an Evolutionary Dead-end at Comics212

The problems come in when we are excluded from certain areas of what should be our business, by forces beyond our direct control… and that’s my biggest issue with the current crop of digital comics and distributors of same.


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