Saturday Runaround - Megadowned

Saturday Runaround – Megadowned

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PiracyWatch: Megaupload is shut down by the US – which shows that authorities don’t need SOPA or PIPA to target internet piracy. Now all they have to do is close down the forty Megaupload-wannabees.

AngelWatch: Axel Alonso talks about that Archangel/Daredevil AVX teaser image.

Nothing should be read into that teaser image. It was commissioned BEFORE “X-Force” #18 came out and we weren’t even sure when we’d release it. Rather than showing the post-“Dark Angel Saga” Warren Worthington and possibly spoiling the ending of “Dark Angel Saga,” we erred on the side of using that design.

99cWatch: ComiXology sells Infinite Crisis, 52, 52 Aftermath and World War III for 99 cents a piece this weekend.

FamineWatch: DC Entertainmnt and Warner Bros are to make an announcement on Monday about a new famine relief initiative regarding the current situation in the Horn Of Africa.

PortlandWatch: Chris Roberson moves to Portland…. I should really set up a Bleeding Cool office there.

 ChicagoWatch: A more intimate Chicago Comic Con…


This is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

Hot Toys Bane Figure Reveal

The Legend Ends. The terrorist leader Bane will arrive in Gotham City, pushing it and the police force to their limits, forcing Batman to resurface after taking the fall for The Joker’s crimes. The Dark Knight Rises movie will be coming this Summer and this Bane Collectible Figure will be launched in coming months before movie launches! Batman fans, please stay tuned!

Watch Ralph Fiennes awkwardly read X-rated Harry Potter fan fic | Blastr

But Fiennes was a good sport, and agreed to read from an equally dirty fan fic called Broken Innocence. The actor doesn’t deliver his lines in his full-on Voldemort voice, because he’s too amused by the material.


‘Judge Dredd’ creator: Three reasons I’m excited about new film | Hero Complex – movies, comics, fanboy fare –

Today he’s more rounded, more human, a man capable of introspection, of questioning his own beliefs. I still wouldn’t call him a totally three-dimensional character – he would lose something if he was. He ne

eds that robotic aspect to his personality.

Report: BioWare Wanted to Make a Marvel Comics MMO, But Made a Star Wars One Instead

But for fans of the game’s developers at BioWare—and for fans of some of the cooler pieces of pop fiction around—there’s another detail that should grab your attention:

Exclusive: Amanda Palmer And Reggie Watts Sing About Doctor Who [VIDEO]

Hey, check it – Amanda Palmer and Reggie Watts sang this little ditty about how much they love the Doctor. Because they are nerds. But also because they are awesome. This is an outtake from the Doctor Who Specials that BBC America are releasing in anticipation of the new episodes that air in a couple of weeks. (The next special airs on BBC America this Saturday, August 20th, at 9/8c.)

The Dark Knight Rises Hot Wheels Toy Photos

Here are a couple of toy concept and prototype photos from The Dark Knight Rises, which Hot Wheels filed with the FCC today. Below, we get a look at The Bat-Pod, The Tumbler, and The Bat (formerly known as the Batwing) via concept drawings, as well as an early prototype of The Tumbler. These three vehicles will be small remote controlled toys, all available this summer in lieu of the film’s July release. Check them out below.

Hot Toys teases The Dark Knight Rises Bane Collectible Figure | League of Comic Geeks

Just a few minutes ago, the toy manufacturer posted this teaser image on their Facebook page of The Dark Knight Rises’ Bane 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure. Clad in his costume from the Christopher Nolan-directed film, Bane’s face is hidden thanks to some cropping. No doubt to later reveal an incredibly detailed sculpt based on Tom Hardy’s appearance in the film.

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