Thursday Runaround - Kickstarter, Hipster, Barista, Lego

Thursday Runaround – Kickstarter, Hipster, Barista, Lego

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KickstarterWatch: The breakdown of the Ashes Kickstarter campaign has reached new levels with both Jimmy Broxton/James Hodgkins and Alex De Campi issuing very differing versions of events. More on this later today.

FranceWatch: Taiwan heads to the world’s largest comic convention, Angouleme, as a featured comic creating nation.

A delegation of 20 Taiwanese cartoonists will depart next week for the 2012 Festival International de la Bande Dessinee d’Angouleme in France, where Taiwan comics will be a featured attraction, according to the Government Information Office Jan. 18.

The representatives, headed by GIO Deputy Minster Hsu Chiu-huang, will include such well-known artists as Chen Hung-yao, Li Lung-chieh and Yin Yin.

HipsterWatch: It’s the place to be in San Luis Obispo

It’s Friday, Jan. 13, but it feels like nothing unlucky could happen in Dr. Cain’s Comics and Games, where a small mass of equally hip people mill around soaking up the scene and grabbing free copies of Hayley’s new zine Swap!

BrandWatch: Sean Murphy’s 5 Year Plan for working in comics gets noticed.

“Branding, to me, is based off a simpler question: What gigs make me happy?” Murphy said. “There’s a through-line in the projects I enjoy, and once I realized what that through-line was, I started to see my brand. For example, I don’t enjoy drawing superheroes — I love sci-fi, action adventure, history, noir and more contemporary genres.”

GreenWatch: CW has ordered a pilot of a TV show, Arrow, based on DC’s Green Arrow from Warner Bros production, from Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg.

ParentWatch: Holly Robinson on telling her daughter to quit her highly paid science job.

In my daughter’s case, the barista job led her to have enough free hours to do what she really loves: draw comics. She’s thinking about publishing her comics online. In her free time, she also happened to stop by a new gourmet cupcake store, where she chatted with the enthusiastic owner and was hired to decorate cupcakes and work the counter. Again, it’s not much money, but combined with the coffee place, it’s enough for her to scrape by.

SynergyWatch: DC Comics and Lego present… The Lego Hero Factory.

CharlieWatch: The Glasgow Film Festival, Mark Millar and the bloke from Walking Dead.

GFF ambassador Mark Millar, the famous Scottish comic book writer, is back to curate the Kapow! section. Highlights include conversations with David Albard, illustrator of The Walking Dead, the graphic novel and now TV series of a world taken over by zombies, as well as the Superman cut with extra minutes.

GameWatch: ScaryGirl gets more press;

WP: What other elements are pulled from the graphic novel and/or the browser-based Scarygirl game? Is the new console game simply a retelling of the original graphic novel, or is this a new chapter in the world of Scarygirl?

NJ: The new game shares some similarities to the online game and graphic novel. Various locations, characters and the journey to the city to discover Scarygirl’s past. Aside from this, the XBLA/PSN game is a total re-imagining of her world, and there are many twists in her story as well as a ton of new environments and quests.

CrimeWatch: X Club writer Si Spurrier wants you to buy his crime novel, A Serpent Uncoiled.

UrbanWatch: South Philadephia Synagogue shows off comics

Another presenter that evening was Aaron Birk, who spoke about his debut graphic novel, The Pollinator’s Corridor, and shared some pieces from that work.

“I’m attracted to desolate urban images,” said Birk, whose novel tells the story of a senior high school class that turns abandoned areas in the Bronx into gardens for butterflies and bees. Parts of his novel have been serialized in Philadelphia’s CityPaper.

EnvironmentWatch: Oil & Water, a new Fantagraphics graphic novel anthology, is getting some attention too.

“Daddy’s Money,” it read. “Oil wrestling featuring the girls from Slidell.”

Amid the jukeboxes and fraternity-like atmosphere, tired bar owner Jack Jambon sat on a bar stool and told us how his family business had changed since the BP/Deepwater Horizon oil spill killed off the flocks of tourists and fishermen who used to come in. The girls — who used baby oil, not peak oil — helped bring the cash in.

Shannon Wheeler, the award-winning Portland cartoonist most famous for his “Too Much Coffee Man” series, and a regular contributor to The New Yorker magazine, sketched the scene that night, as he did for many other scenes throughout the 10-day tour of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama two summers ago by a group of Oregonians

This is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

Why Jim Lee And Dan DiDio Decided To Reboot DC Comics [Video] | Fast Company

Lee: The main mission statement was, “Be bold. No fear.” And at the end of the day, no one is going to die from our poor decisions, right? [laughs] I think this should be a fun business. You are telling imaginary stories using brightly colorful characters. It’s epic good vs. evil. You should be having fun with this stuff. You shouldn’t feel trapped by history and tradition. That’s not what created these characters.

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