Rob Liefeld To Get Two Co-Writers On New DC Books

Rob Liefeld is an acquired taste. Usually acquired around the age of ten – being confronted by a blaze of action, cool looking guns and people jumping around. Plot is never a major attractive point, but his work has an incredible kinetic quality that children especially find incredibly addictive. Then they grow older and discover Sandman/Scott Pilgrim/Acme Novelty Library and put away childish things, showing disdain for what they once loved, so as to further define who they are now.

And then DC go and give him three monthly books.

Richard Evans wrote on Dan DiDio’s Facebook page;

I’ve officially dropped all my DC books as of Monday morning. I’ve met some great guys from DC and I know you guys try your best. BUT, as a writer who has spent ten years trying to break into the industry, who has watched writers struggle just to get a book out and who has seen great writers disappear because the fans forgot them, I CANNOT accept Rob Liefeld as a writer of THREE new 52 books.

Art is subjective, storytelling is not. Rob is not a writer. He’s a great guy and loves the industry, but he is not a writer. Supporting this would be supporting the “boy’s club/it’s who you know” mentality that has ruined this industry.

I obviously don’t expect anyone to hire ME, but I can’t believe you guys can’t find another Jeff Lemire or Scott Lobdell when I can find five great writers right here on Facebook right now.

I’ll save my money for books that want to tell stories. As I said, you and Eddie are good guys, but this is probably the worst idea I’ve ever seen come out of DC and we both know that IS saying a lot.

Dan DiDio replied, giving some further details about the planned work;

Hmmmm sorry you feel that way Richard, but just a couple of points of clarification. Tony and Kyle aren’t gone (they are still doing great work on Detective and Nightwing, respectively) and we are hoping to find new ways to work with Nathan soon. As for Rob, he has a lot of great series under his belt, has a lot of great ideas, and will be working with co-writers on two of the series. And once again, I am left scratching my head listening to people react before they have read anything. Oh well. All the best, DD

What hasn’t been commented on much is that all three books are gaining “cosmic” elements, to be set in space. I think we can expect a little cross continuity between the three books, coordinated by Rob…

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