Garth Ennis And Jacen Burrows Bring You Crossed Twice A Month – And Launch C-Day!

It’s Crossed. The post-not-quite-a-zombie apocalypse story that has taken the very worst things that humans do to each other, and made it the norm.

And from the original creators of the Avatar series, Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows, comes Crossed: Badlands. Telling stories of Crossed all over the world, and starting with the story of a young Englishman, “scrambling to avoid roving bands of the Crossed, while simultaneously dealing with the traumatic death of his wife.”

And it’s twice a month. Ongoing. Future arcs will be written by Jamie Delano and David Lapham.

It all starts on March 14th, 2012, with “C-Day”, events in all manner of comic stores to celebrate the release of the new comic. With Avatar offering C-Day Survival Kits to comic shops with posters, counter displays, temporary tattoos, buttons, posters, masks, and rare Bonus Edition comics.

Avatar will also reissue the original Crossed #0 at a special sampler price for retailers to sell or give away, revamped as Crossed: Get Infected C-Day Edition to introduce the concept to new readers.

Garth Ennis is quoted about the new series saying, “It feels cold and bleak and bad and dark, which is exactly how I hoped it would. You don’t write Crossed with the sun shining in your heart; you write it around midwinter, watching the long night devour the feeble day.”

While Jacen Burrows, his profile risen by his work on Neonomicon, says “The horror genre has been through a lot as it has gotten more popular in the mainstream. It’s been abused and defanged by charlatans out for a quick buck, those who make one-dimensional, generic, formulaic product. With Crossed, we want to do real horror that pushes the envelope so we can explore the limits of the human condition. It isn’t about violence so much as showing the stakes the characters are facing, and it is our willingness to go to that edge that makes the world so affecting.”

Here are covers to Crossed: Badlands issues one and two to chill your heart… C-Day is coming.

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