The Continuing Success Of Tony Daniel's Detective Comics

The Continuing Success Of Tony Daniel’s Detective Comics

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I’ve said it before, pre-relaunch, I was not a fan of Tony Daniel’s Batman. I’m not a Batmanologist of any sorts, but a love a good dark knight story as much as the next comic book fan. It’s probably in the blood.

And, until recently, a Tony Daniel Batman book became synonymous to me as a comic I could miss. Attempted samples had left me cold, bored and generally irritated. So my expectations for Detective Comics, written and drawn by Tony Daniels were very low indeed.

My reaction to issue 1 was delighted surprise and enjoyment. Focussed on by many for it’s final splashpage cliffhanger, I was more blown away by the enjoyment I received from the rest of the book, like a generous pork-pie, full to the crust of good sticky stuff. And so it has continued, up there with Grant Morrison’s run on the book, something I never thought I’d write.

DC have also realised they’ve got a hit on their hands here, giving their regular Diamond front page cover to the book and now, issuing a fourth print of issue 1, the only one of the New DCU to receive that honour. The fourth print will ship the week after Christmas… for all those who still haven’t seen what happens to the Joker.

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