NYCC Debut: Gutter Magic For 99c

NYCC Debut: Gutter Magic For 99c

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Title: Gutter Magic

Creators: Cover by Gabriel Iumazark; Writer: Rich Douek. Interior art by Jason Baroody, JC Grande, and Craig S. Yeung

Sixgun Comics

High Concept: It’s sword, sorcery and sixguns: three intersecting urban fantasy stories set in Meridian, a city ruled by mages built upon the ruins of a New York destroyed by a magical apocalypse. We’ll meet Cinder Byrnes, a thief and hustler with a lifelong dream of becoming a wizard; Blacktooth, a goblin fence with a soft spot for redheads, and Caleb, an enigmatic assassin on a mission even he doesn’t understand. Though each is on his own path at the present, their destinies are intertwined.

Format: 16 pages, Full color

Price: $0.99


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