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The story of Granite City, Missouri  resident Mike Meyer, a big Superman fan who was tricked out of much of his collection by an unscrupulous acquaintance, has  turned into one of the best comic-related news stories of the year so far. Everywhere I’ve seen this matter discussed over the past week — on blog posts, facebook pages, and forums large and small — comic fans were talking about what they could do to help Mike.  Good, good stuff.

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

Superfriends Step Up To Help Mike Meyer

Bleeding Cool reported last week about McDonalds worker, one Mike Meyer of  Granite City, Missouri, who found he had been tricked out of his Superman collection worth many thousands of dollars. It could have ended there.

Swipe File: Action Comics #1 Vs Israel Embassy Protest In Egypt

Above, Superman as seen in Action Comics #1 this week in a Superman T-short, blue jeans and with something red around his shoulders acting as a cape. A reinvention of the character based on the original version as created by Jewish creators Joe Siegel and Jerry Schuster.

Al Jazeera Covers Rick Veitch’s The Big Lie

And now Al Jazeera has covered the comic, as part of a wider piece on Truthers. Here’s the video clip in question…

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: The Girl Who Waited

I like a good time travel story. Oh let’s be honest, I probably like a bad time travel story. But this was not one of them. Let’s rewind.

Saturday Rushes Part Two – Just A Few More Movie Bits Before Bedtime

Anne Hathaway has been lined up for the lead in Peter Sollet’s Cover Your Assets. The film has been written by 30 Rock‘s Kay Cannon and is apparently about a “career woman looking to break her streak of losing romantic relationships to her job.” Sollet was going to next direct the on-hold movie version of Marvel’s Runaways next, but… well… obviously not. Not at the moment…

New Info, Images From The Animated Batman: Year One

The film’s co-director Sam Liu has been speaking with Animation Magazine (via Animatie) about some of the alterations he found necessary. Here’s an excerpt from their resulting article:

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