The New 52 Set To Rock Marketshare: Justice League #1 Over 200,000 Copies, Six Other Relaunch Books Over 100,000

A big piece of news just dropped in this Hero Complex piece about the DC relaunch. We knew the New 52 would have some big numbers, but the question was just how big, with so many titles launching at once — and of course, subsequently the question will become how much of it can be sustained.  But for September, this little bit of info alone would appear to indicate that the relaunch is a big success. And now retailers, DC, and even other publishers have an opportunity to run with that as people come into stores to check out these titles.

Breaking the 100,000 mark is considered very noteworthy in the current market, and there have been months this year in which no titles have surpassed that level.  It'll be fascinating to see more complete numbers on the relaunch, and what effect it might have on other publishers' numbers.

In the short run, it seems everyone in the comic-book industry will benefit. DC's flagship title "Justice League No. 1" has pre-orders for more than 200,000 print copies, which would make it the bestselling title of 2011. Six other new DC No. 1's already have more than 100,000 pre-orders.

"Fan interest is huge — much of it positive, some negative, and some very cautious," Gladston said.

But much-hyped events and reboots have boosted comic-book sales before without much long-term effect. Wolfman wrote one of the earliest in 1985 with "Crisis on Infinite Earths," which was originally intended to result in every comic book restarting at No. 1, before editors decided against it. Since then, events, crossovers and reboots have become a near annual occurrence for DC and Marvel.

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