New Thriller The Cure Attracts Big Names Dominic Cooper and Liv Tyler

According to, Dominic Cooper and Liv Tyler are currently circling lead roles in the next big project for Dennis Iliadis (Last House on The Left), a thriller called The Cure. The screenplay was written by Beau Thorne (Max Payne) and the film is being produced by Groundswell, the production company that developed Gus Van Sant’s Milk back in 2008.

The film is about a man named Jeff whose wife is dying, and so as a last resort he hands her over to a strange doctor for treatment (let’s hope his name isn’t Doctor Heiter). Surprisingly, the doctor’s treatment actually works. You did want your wife turned into a blood-craving maniac killer, right?

I can take or leave Liv Tyler, but I recently saw Dominic Cooper in The Devil’s Double and would definitely invest in a ticket if he gets cast. The plot also sounds intriguing, and sounds not dissimilar to an extraordinarily messed-up Vincent Gallo movie called Trouble Every Day that I saw a few years ago.