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"9-1-1: Lone Star": About as Texas as Taco Bell [REVIEW]

Among the plethora of mediocre police, fire and rescue procedurals currently plaguing the television landscape, there is none quite so insipid as FOX's 9-1-1: Lone Star. Three episodes in and I'm thoroughly bored by this show which wastes the considerable talents of its cast, its premise, and its putative setting. I say putative because as […]

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Lord Of The Rings Receives Multi-Season Series Deal From Amazon

Following up on reports earlier this month that a series adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's world-renowned fantasy series Lord of the Rings was in development at Amazon, the streaming service has announced that the series is receiving a multi-season production commitment. Variety reported exclusively on the initial development news, which is set to be produced by Amazon […]

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Kit Harington And Liv Tyler In BBC's Upcoming 'Gunpowder' Miniseries

BBC has an upcoming miniseries about the infamous "Gunpowder" treason and plot, and Game Of Thrones star Kit Harington just happens to be in it. The unsuccessful Catholic attempt to blow up Protestant King James I of England in 1605 has lived on in infamy, and the upcoming three-part mini-series will tell a different side of the […]

Liv Tyler To Star In Clever-Concept Space Thriller, The Side Effect

The most recent film from Ti West was The Innkeepers, a horror film set in a largely-empty, haunted hotel. It was just about as scary as a chocolate bar, except when it acted like one of those "screamer" videos from YouTube and the scares were cut in half. But it did work, fairly well, when […]

New Thriller The Cure Attracts Big Names Dominic Cooper and Liv Tyler

According to, Dominic Cooper and Liv Tyler are currently circling lead roles in the next big project for Dennis Iliadis (Last House on The Left), a thriller called The Cure. The screenplay was written by Beau Thorne (Max Payne) and the film is being produced by Groundswell, the production company that developed Gus Van […]

I Walked With A Zombie Remake To Star Gary Oldman and Liv Tyler?

Josh Hylton writes for Bleeding Cool RKO Pictures isn't a company you hear much about anymore. Aside from a handful of recent remakes like the Michael Douglas movie Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, their name has remained firmly planted in the past, attached to movies like 1951's The Thing and 1942's Cat People. Incidentally, both of […]

Moral Issues And Colourful Costumes In The First Clip From James Gunn's Super

Finally, a look at Ellen Page in her girl wonder costume in the first clip from James Gunn's Super. Page's character is (while in costume, at least) called Bolty, and she's the sidekick to Rainn Wilson's The Crimson Bolt. She also appears to be slightly broken-minded. Judging from this scene, the film runs headlong into […]

See Rainn Wilson As The Crimson Bolt… And Not As The Crimson Bolt

James Gunn's Super is another one of those superheroes-in-the-real-world films like Kick-Ass, Defendor, Special and the like. It would appear to be the most grungy and gritty of them all and despite arriving at Comic-Con looking to some like a come-lately copy, it left having wowed and impressed. In the film, Rainn Wilson plays a […]