Ken Lashley On The Blackhawks New 52 Situation

Ken Lashley On The Blackhawks New 52 Situation

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Ken Lashley is solicited as the penciller of the first issue of the DC New 52 title, Blackhawks. But he isn’t drawing issue two, Graham Nolan is, though Lashley has drawn the cover. And the cover for issue three, though Alessandro Vitti is meant to be drawing that issue (but isn’t).

The book is written by Mike Costa, but indications were that Chuck Austen was meant to write it. It’s all a bit of a clusterfuck.

Well, Ken Lashley has posted on the Bleeding Cool forum how it sat from his perspective, and confirms Chuck Austen’s original involvement, not only as a writer but as contributing some layouts to the pages.

l usually don’t make comments but l felt you guys and girls should hear it from me……the problem was that we started really late o
the project. Chuck Austen was writing it , he had these fun layouts that he had created and they asked me to do the finishes…DC knows l work fulltime in the gaming world as well as my freelance with Lucasfilm and Hasbro…l was given the job and we got rolling..DC also provided a layout artist to speed things up…(which was awesome for me..but to be honest some pages were faster..some slower because l had to figure out what was what)..DC decided to make a story change after a few pages were done…but that meant a 4 week delay..because the new writer had to get started…then get approved…then l get the stuff…my window of getting the work done closed. l also had other things come up..the Starwars car at SDCC and my day job took centre stage…l can’t give up my other gigs. l sent them a very nice email stating that l couldn’t continue! …in fact l’m still doing the covers..l love comics but its so hard to find the time when you have other commitments….l spent 6 weeks working fulltime and then coming home and working until 5am….l love comics..l think my major fault is taking on too many things.

for example…l was asked by Lucasfilm to work on live art display at the Starwars booth…l worked from 8am to 7pm on the con floor..then l went back to my hotel room and drew for hours on the BH book….l just wanted you to know that lots of us are working very hard…sometimes things don’t go as planned. it would be worse if l did subpar work ..the fans deserve a artist who can devote the time. l just couldn’t do it and honour my other gigs. much love and respect to you all.

Now all we have to find out is how a Marvel exclusive artist was solicited for issue three…

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