Monday Runaround - Google, Gender And Grant

Monday Runaround – Google, Gender And Grant

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GooglePlusWatch: We ran a piece on the Google Plus identity debate over the weekend. Ryan Estrada nails it.

Genderwatch: The female creative statistics from the published week of  July 27th have DC on 9.3% female creators and Marvel on 9.5%, a rare win…

TintinWatch: How a king inspired a character;

But years before, the young king had captured the imagination of the West — as well as Tintin creator Herge — after the tragic death of his father King Ghazi in a 1939 car crash that sent Faisal to the throne at age three.

From childhood until death, the life of Iraq’s “boy king” was chronicled in photos and articles in big-name US magazines like Time, Life and National Geographic.

Herge quietly drew on the anecdotes to fashion his character Prince Abdullah of the imaginary kingdom of Khemed. The mischievous Arab prince and practical joker both exasperated and charmed boy reporter Tintin and his irascible friend Captain Haddock, first in the “Land of Black Gold” (1950) and later in “The Red Sea Sharks” (1958).

RadioWatch: Grant Morrison appears on NPR over his new Supergods book.

“My parents were anti-nuclear activists, so the big fear in my house was The Bomb… Superman could take the atom bomb in his face and shake it off and only get a tan,”

PressWatch: Womanthology gets some local press;

What started out as a tweet has exploded into a full-time job for Renae de Liz, a Cape Elizabeth comic book artist. On May 17, de Liz posed an innocent question on Twitter: Were any female comic book artists interested in contributing to a charity anthology? She received 100 emails that day.

This is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

All Of These Things That Have Made Us — The Comics Reporter

“We have a hospital. We have a surgeon. When we have an ambulance, you’ll go.”…

What he said this time, right to my face, didn’t settle in for about 30 seconds. I remember laughing at least once, a memory-laugh that bubbles up when you remember something amusing, about what exactly I have no recollection and probably didn’t know right then, either. I turned and looked at my Mom, the parent and person whom I’m most like, in the room with me by accident. “Can you take out a pen and piece of paper? I guess I need to tell you some things.”

None of them were about comics.

CAPTAIN AMERICA Passes $150m Milestone, COWBOYS & ALIENS Disappoints Overseas: Box Office

At no. 7, Captain America: The First Avenger added $7.12m (-43%) for a domestic cume of $156.88m — thus passing the $150m milestone. Starring Chris Evans, Captain America was reportedly made for $140m. Even if that figure is accurate, it doesn’t include distribution and marketing costs. Captain America’s worldwide cume currently stands at a respectable $285.18m — though still quite a bit behind Kenneth Branagh-Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, which has brought in $448m, and even X-Men: First Class’s $349.94m.

The Dark Knight Rises Set Videos Galore | Superhero Hype

The Dark Knight Rises production continued filming in downtown Pittsburgh this weekend and just a crazy amount of set videos from fans have turned up online. We’ve posted a sample of them below which feature the new vehicle Batman will be using, the Tumblers, Catwoman on the Batpod and more.

Make It So. – YouTube

With Patrick Stewart.


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