Kieron Gillen Off Generation Hope

Kieron Gillen Off Generation Hope

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Well basically, that was the reason I was buying the book, though I was enjoying Salva Espin and recently Jamie McKelvie’s work on the book too.

But, you know, Kieron is writing Journey Into Mystery and Uncanny X-Men twice a month and there’s his upcoming Avatar work and whatever else he has that I don’t know about yet…

From issue 13 of Generation Hope, comedian James Asmus (Dark X-Men, The Runaways, X-Men: Manifest Destiny) will be writing the title with Ibraim Roberson (Zombie Survival Guide, Frankenstein, Uncanny X-Men, Super Soldier Annual). So you know, not all bad.

Hope he brings Jim Charalampdis with him.

You know Marvel really loves their silhouettes, don’t they?

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