Sunday Runaround - SingAlongAMorrison

Sunday Runaround – SingAlongAMorrison

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This is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

Why Jim Lee Can’t Reveal His True Character in DC Universe Online

“You could,” he said, “but I choose not to, because if I have a really great name I probably would save it for comics, in print, because great names are hard to come by.”

‪Grant Morrison Singing and Playing Guitar-Meltdown Comics 7/28/11‬‏ – YouTube

Writer Grant Morrison Sings a song that John Lennon gave him in a Magic Ritual. You’ll probably never see him do that in public ever again. Recorded at “An Evening with Grant Morrison” at Meltdown Comics in LA on 7/28/11


Wonder Woman, Jim Lee, JMS, and the pants | A Distant Soil by Colleen Doran

But, it’s not true that DC chose Jim over me. I not only wasn’t even in the running, but JMS decided to leave Wonder Woman shortly after he ran his new concept by me. It was incredibly cool of him to ask me to do these sketches, and I loved doing them. I never expected anyone to use them, and was very surprised at all the interest in the post.

Lunas Promote ULTRA Hardcover with Live-Action Trailer | Image Comics | Luna Brothers

To celebrate the release of the new Ultra: Seven Days hardcover, the Lunas have put together a “trailer” for the hardcover, with a live action video version of Ultra.

Comic book investor stays out of jail The Republican-American

George Matos had high hopes for a get-rich-quick scheme when his pay at SNET was cut. He borrowed $65,000 in equity loans, forged his wife’s signatures and bought a stash of comic books for resale. The business venture failed, as did Matos’ marriage after the plot was revealed. Charged with first-degree larceny, he faced significant time behind bars.

SDCC 2011: 50 Years of Comic Book Fandom Panel | The Comics Journal

Mark Evanier moderates Jean Bails, Paul Levitz, Dick and Pat Lupoff, Richard Kyle, Bill Schelly, Roy Thomas and Maggie Thompson as they discuss the origins and history of comics fandom.


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