San Diego Debut: Broken Pieces #1 From Aspen

Debuting at San Diego Comic Con…

Title: Broken Pieces #1

Creators: Mark Roslan and Micah Kaneshiro

Publisher: Aspen

Available: Booth #2321

High concept: In a not too distant future torn apart by a deadly biological catastrophe, doctors Richard and Gabriella Adams stood on the verge of a scientific breakthrough—a cure to the epidemic spreading across North America, splitting the population between those that are plagued—and those in power that are not. However, their union of research and marriage is tragically ripped in two, and Richard soon discovers that he has to sacrifice everything in order to piece together a hope for humanity and put the shattered remains of his life back together again.

Format: Comics, 22 pages

Print run: 500 (San Diego exclusive Talent Caldwell cover)

Price: $3.99

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