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It’s hard to cast the publisher who has so thoroughly dominated marketshare in recent times as an underdog, but two weeks into the New DC Show they’re starting to feel like one, just a little bit. You can sense that fans are waiting for Marvel to punch back. They’re like the southpaw boxer who takes on his opponent just using his right hand. You keep waiting for him to bring it for real, round after round. And there’s Tom Brevoort as the cranky but wise trainer in the corner.

Fans on twitter were hoping for Marvel to bring it tonite during the Hero Complex Film Festivities, and while the event sounded supercool and I wish I’d been there, there was no new Marvel comic news forthcoming. Perhaps tomorrow during the Next Big Thing live blog. I’ve been hearing theories about that all weekend.

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

The Changing Look Of Mister Terrific

On the left the new design for Mister Terrific as seen on DC’s Source blog. But on the right, how it originally appeared before being changed a few hours later. Was the M on the face a little close to Bishop? Or was it just too “Mr T”?

DC Relaunch: Red Lanterns 1, Green Lantern Corps 1 and New Guardians 1 Covers Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors

In an intriguingly timed stunt, DC have handed the three mkssing covers to Red Lanterns #1, Green Lantern Corps #1 and Green Lantern: The New Lanterns #1 to Newsarama, CBR and Comics Alliance respectively. So Bleeding Cool decided to nick them all and put them on one page.

Jim Lee And Geoff Johns Talk DC Relaunch On Stage In LA

Jim Lee and Geoff Johns just took the stage to talk about the DC Comics relaunch as part of the LA Times’ Hero Complex Film Festival.  There were lots of rumors flying about this event earlier tonite, which I think mirrors the incredible level of interest in what they’re attempting to accomplish here. I’m watching Twitter and the Newsarama Live Blog coverage like everyone else. Let’s find out what people are saying…

Gendercrunching The DC Relaunch

With the full solicitations for DC Comics’ relaunch now revealed, we have a special edition of Gendercrunching!! In terms of female characters, it looks decent. Of the 52 new number ones, 7 of the books are headlined by solo women or all-female teams, and several other team books feature female characters (most of them wearing pants, though Supergirl seems to have REALLY missed the memo and even left her skirt at home). But in terms of creators, it’s not a good situation. The 52 titles feature 160 credited creators, 157 male and 3 female. Here are the overall percentages:

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

Eight SFW Shots From Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody

See, Axel Braun doesn’t just do superhero porn parody movies for Vivid, no that would be far too limiting. He does sci-fi ones too. And here is Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody. Nice costumes, I wonder if he got the 501st Legion involved at all?

Captain America Cast And Crew Poster Revealed

Marvel printed a hundred copies of  this special poster for the cast and crew of Captain America: The First Avenger. And the LA Times Hero Complex Film Festival will be giving five away at Marvel Day today, alongside airing the Captain America.trailer. John Favreau appears to be announcing something. And Neal Kirby, Jack Kirby’s son will be there. I wonder if he’s be serving a writ to anyone?

Doctor Who Kerfuffle Over Series Seven

It was Private Eye that did it. Possibly the greatest influence on this very website, the British politics/media satirical/investigative journalism/comedy fortnightly mag went large with the current state of Doctor Who. They wrote;

Shia LaBeouf Says No To Transformers 4 But “Confirms” Indy 5

I know that many Bleeding Cool readers just can’t get enough of actor Shia LaBeouf, so here’s some quick updates for you to post on your fan blogs. He’s made a couple of statements in interviews recently, one saying that he won’t be appearing in any more Transformers films, and the other confirming that there’s another Indiana Jones flick in the works.

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