Friday Trending Topics: The Moment We’ve Been Waiting For

A whirlwind two weeks of rumors, announcements, and speculation. A national tv ad campaign in support of the launch of new DC comics. The world is watching now and will be when the comics come out, and the industry has time to plan for it. All against the backdrop of a full slate of eagerly-anticipated comic book movies.

No excuses left, I think. And it’s not just about DC. Does the game change here?

Most-Read DC Relaunch Stories Today:

Those 52 DC Comics Issue Ones – And What And Who Is Missing (UPDATE)

Now complete!

DC Superman Relaunch: Why Are We Waiting?

Tick tick tick…

DC Relaunch: Grant Morrison And Rags Morales On Action Comics 1

DC Comics have just confirmed to the LA Times Hero Complex blog that Grant Morrison and Rags Morales as the creative team on September’s relaunch of Action Comics.

Most-Read Other Comic Stories Today:

Alan Moore By Frank Quitely

On display at the Centro Cultural Bernardino Rivadavia of Rosario in Argentina right now. Alan Moore, by Frank Quitely. Make sure you look deep into the beard to see what you can see… it will be worth it. Photographed by MArvel’s CB Cebulski last night. Clicky for biggy.

Rob Liefeld Brings Back Extreme – The Nineties Are Officially Back

Scott Lobdell and Ken Lashley have got major books at a Big Two publisher, with Bob Harras as editor-in-chief with Bobbie Chase as his second in command, while Jim Leeis  creating new costumes with big knee and shoulder pads. Meanwhile the X-Men are tied up in the Age Of Apocalypse. There are variant comics all over the place and a burgeoning speculator market. And everyone is really excited about the Superman news. We’re firmly back in the nineties aren’t we?

Flashpoint #1 Sells Less Than Fear Itself #2

Well, as the headline points out, the first issue of DC’s big event crossover comic couldn’t beat even the second issue of Marvel’s. Both have gone to second printings, so the match isn’t totally won or lost, but that’s still an impressive result for Marvel, who also put two issues of FF in the top ten. This all contributed to Marvel improving their market share from 39.63% to 42.45% of all money spent, and from 45.28% to 46.35% of all products sold to retailers.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

Walking Dead Season 2 Gets An Airdate… Just Not The Airdate You Were Expecting

Production is underway on Walking Dead‘s second season, official images are starting to appear, and the slow burn of publicity is inching down from the tip of the blue touch paper. There’s going to be some wait for the series to roll out, but what we don’t really know is how long of a wait.

Mini-Peek At The Wonder Woman TV Pilot

But it is a few seconds. Here you go. Wonder Woman, The TV Pilot.

The Best Green Lantern Themed TV Commercial Of All

And it’s not even an official Green Lantern partner. Brilliant, pure dead brilliant. Dodgy politics obviously, but hey. This is advertising.

Bleeding Cool Taste Tests Transformers: Dark Of The Moon In 3D

Transformers: Dark of the Moon grabs hold of that added dimension and thrusts its audience into the film with all the subtlety of a juggernaut on a high octane kick.

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