DC To Publish “The Batman Of Las Vegas”?

According to Variety, DC Comics has bought global publishing rights to The Tyrant, the protagonist of Jon Land‘s gangster Vegas novel The Seven Sins: The Tyrant Ascending.

And with a film in the works, Variety reports that Fabrizio Boccardi, founder of King Midas World Entertainment who put together the deal, “envisions The Tyrant as the central figure in a franchise that would include feature films and, in the longer term, an actual Seven Sins casino.”

He is quoted as saying “We conceived the character as the Batman of Las Vegas. Honestly, I want to build a franchise. I know it’s not an easy task but I’d like to create something that can endure longer than just three movies.”

Especially since this character is actually meant to be based on Boccardi. Indeed, he may have commissioned the series of novels…

Conspicuously there are no quotes by anyone at DC Comics in the article. I do hope they know that may have signed up to something intended to spinoff into a casino.

DC did not respond to inquiries. But looking at the King Midas World Entertainment website, things do look a little… odd.

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