Bluewater Launches Creator Owned Comics Biography Line

One of the central criticisms of biographical and licensed comics publisher Bluewater, is that it deals in back-end work-for-hire contracts. The people sign all their rights away but only get paid from profits, if any, if the book sells over a certain number. Which has seen people not receive a penny and not own anything they've created. It's a contract I've criticised and will continue to do so.

But in July, a new biographical line to join their Fame, Political Power and Female Force lines, will be doing something different. The Comics line will focus on comedians, starting with George Carlin and June, and Lucille Ball in August. It is rather American-focussed with few of their stars having much appeal outside of the States

But uniquely for Bluewater, the creators will own their work. They'll still only get paid on the back end with no page rates, but they will at least own their pages, for future publication or exploitation.

Of course the big pay days that accompany much creator owned work are from their adaptation in TV and film, which is very unlikely here.

But from the visuals below, they are at least pretty…

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