Ultimate Comics Hawkeye By Jonathan Hickman And Rafa Sandoval

Ultimate Comics Hawkeye By Jonathan Hickman And Rafa Sandoval

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There we go. A new Ultimate Comics title by Jonathan Hickman and Rafa Sandoval starring the ultimate wife beater himself. The meanest, sharpest, angriest man with a bow since someone tried to give Donald Trump pigtails. Hickman is already writing Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates, is this just greedy? Only for four issues though, so there’s that.

Well, it’s all part of Marvel’s The Ultimate Comics Universe Reborn relaunching of the Ultimate line, in August and September. In a press conference recorded online we learnt the following;

Ultimate Comics Hawkeye will be a four issue series running consecutively with Ultimate Comics Ultimates

You don’t need to read the two books together, but the conclusion of Hawkeye’s mission will help set up the new direction for Ultimate Comics

Jonathan is interested by Hawkeye having a military background and having served in S.H.IE.L.D. so long, both of which distinguish him from the classic version of Clint Barton

This series will cover Hawkeye’s past, including his training and how he got recruited by Nick Fury

Hawkeye’s past will be woven into his current mission

An event in Southeast Asia will kick off this story and Hawkeye’s mission.

This book will tie into Ultimate Comics X-Men as well as Ultimate Comics Ultimates.
“We can keep saying we’re building a cohesive universe, but I don’t think people will really get what we mean until we see it.” -Jonathan Hickman
“Hawkeye’s mission will affect the X-Men as much as anybody.” -Jonathan Hickman

Jonathan will be doing stuff in Ultimate Comics Hawkeye that you’d have to cancel an entire franchise to do in the classic Marvel Universe.

Jonathan thinks the S.H.I.E.L.D. of Ultimate Comics is far more powerful and pro-active than in the classic Marvel Universe. Everything revolves around them. They don’t just show up at the end of stories.
The death of Hawkeye’s family will be dealt with in the series, but there will several crossroads for him and he will need to leave some baggage behind in the process.
Jonathan wants people to remember he has done plenty of short stories before and can do “more than big, massive, long stuff”
“Ultimate Hawkeye can use anything as a weapon.” -Jonathan Hickman
Hawkeye will have a new costume that echoes the original Bryan Hitch design
And he will be using a bow in the first issue!

One of the things both Nick Spencer and Jonathan Hickman have been talking about the last few days is they’re really trying to make a cohesive universe with the Ultimate books, so yeah, you’ll see them playing off of each other more. But each series will still stand on its own, and you don’t have to buy the entire line to understand what’s going on in a particular book.

And sorry folks, I’d have posted earlier but, you know, Alan Moore and stuff.

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