Friday Trending Topics: Holding The Line At $2.99

Friday Trending Topics: Holding The Line At $2.99

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Guy Gardner does tend to have his moments, doesn’t he? I still laugh about the One Punch page and that was 25 (!!) years ago now. Back in realtime, it’s another big convention weekend, with Kapow and Supanova among others going on, and people are talking about Ra’s Al Ghul, Marvel/DC numbers, Thor, and yes, Rob Granito.

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

Guy Gardner And The Frost Giants

Here’s an image that’s been doing the rounds, a clipped panel from a recent issue of Green Lantern, labelled Guy Gardner And The Frost Giants.

The Rob Granito Interview – From One Year Ago

All approaches to Rob Granito, his wife Alison Granito and his agent Alison G (look, let’s keep the pretence they are seperate people to as to appease them) from Bleeding Cool, even after the interview offers were made, have been ignored. Not surprisingly. But we do have an exclusive interview with Rob from one year ago, with Michael Goldstein. And, because this is Bleeding Cool, we have annodated it…

DC And Marvel Basically Tread Water In March 2011 Stats

Right now, DC are probably feeling like Mad Hatters. The new Diamond statistics for comics distributed to the North American direct market of comic shops are out. And it’s a telling judgment on DC’s Hold The Line At $2.99 campaign.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

New Thor Clip Features That Special Cameo Guest Star I Won’t Spoil In The Headline

This clip from Thor seems to suggest that the special cameo guest star was added to the film so late in the day that they’ve simply been spliced into the film between pre-existing shots, and with no apparent narrative impact. Check it out for yourself, and prepare to drop your jaw in disbelief – unless, of course, you’re frightened of SPOILERS.

Ra’s Al Ghul Has Been Cast In The Dark Knight Rises – Can You Guess Who’s Playing Him?

You might consider this unexpected casting to be something of a SPOILER, so I want to warn you plenty up front. Turn back now if feeling delicate about the possibility.

NSFW Trailer For Lars Von Trier’s Sci-Fi Film Melancholia – UPDATED With Better Version

Zentropa have unveiled the first trailer for Lars von Trier‘s “beautiful movie about the end of the world”, Melancholia. The film largely takes place in flashback to the last days of life on Earth as the planet Melancholia approaches on a terrible trajectory.

Most-Clicked Pics Today:

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