Nonplayer Is Coming...

Nonplayer Is Coming…

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At WonderCon this week, there were a few hundred copies of Nonplayer by Nate Simpson for sale, ahead of this Wednesday’s release. They sold fast, one per person. I understand it looked a little like the above.

And here’s the response on Twitter.

shopofideas Wed. NONPLAYER #1. NATE SIMPSON! This book is beautiful! The plot is actually awesome, but seriously look at this…

AlexSanch Hey it was awesome meeting you, absolutely LOVE Nonplayer

ronxo The two things that totally lived up to the hype at WonderCon: Nonplayer by @NateSonOfSimp + the @gameofthrones marketing – very impressed

RobertKirkman: Just read NONPLAYER by @natesonofsimp and I gotta say, I think it totally exceeds the hype.
RyanHigginsRyan Nonplayer is gorgeous. @NateSonOfSimp is gonna be huge…

philipsytan know what’s d best thing I came across in Wondercon so far? NateSimpson’s #NONPLAYER from image comics.. Dang I’m jealous o how pretty it is

theblairbutler side note: Just read #wondercon purchases Nonplayer 1 and Walking Dead 83. Mind = Blown

BridgeCityComx Coming in on Wednesday: NONPLAYER #1, one of the BEST new comics in a while!

theycallmeninja Picked up and read fantastic new comic called Nonplayer by @NateSonOfSimp.
stephenchristy This is hands-down the best single-issue comic of #Wondercon: NONPLAYER

ChrisPartin No doubt! NONPLAYER is amazing!

BarryCrain “Nonplayer” asks the question, What if Moebius and Eric Shanower had a baby, and William Stout raised him?

Erulite Just finished reading Nonplayer 1 as well. So good, and gorgeous! Thank you #wondercon.

ChristianLipski Oh, and I met @NateSonOfSimp and nabbed a copy of NONPLAYER, suckas. Hella rad

Jeremy_Holt For all that haven’t met @NateSonofSimp, you’re missin’ out. Great guy with a bitchin’ new comic out. Follow this man and pick up NONPLAYER.

OK Comics are giving away free limited prints with the first issue of Nonplayer, while Larry’s Comics are giving copies away free with every Image TPB or HC bought.

And eBay? eBay has precious little pre-sale activity. One copy sold last week for cover price, $2.99. Another is up right now at $4.25. In comparison, Blue Estate and Green Wake also with first Image issues out on Wednesday have presale copies up at 99 cents with no bids yet.

The print run for Nonplayer was sold out the day after the print run was set, as a result of a rush of orders. A second print is being prepared and after release I’d put money on there being a third print too.

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