Lying In The Gutters 4th April 2011

Lying In The Gutters 4th April 2011

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The first page from the P Craig Russell/Will Pfeifer Spirit strip that will never see the light.

Twenty Most Popular Stories Of The Week

1. Who On Earth is Rob Granito? As other websites caught up with this story the week after it happened, the traffic started to spill over…
2. Rob Granito’s Megacon Adventure. And again.
3. Wonder Woman Pics Show Adrianne Palicki In A New Improved Costume. I think this TV show is going to be big, you know.
4. The Doctor’s Daughter Has Had The Doctor’s Daughter.
5. World War Z To Film In London.
6. DC Sucks Finals Drops From LOEG
7.FOOL: Adrianna Huffington To Buy AvatarReasons We’re Please This Was Just An April Fool…
8. Good Close Up Shots Of Wonder Woman In Action.
9. Supergirl XXX In Pictures
10. First Look At Andy Serkis In His New Gollum Costume
11. Will Swamp Thing Return For Earth Day?
12. Things You Just Couldn’t Get Away With These Days.
13. Wonder Woman Injecting A Bad Guy
14. More Fun With Rob Granito Before Megacon
15. Batporn
16. How A Wonder Woman Stuntman Nearly Lost His Arm
17. Tronpron
18. Wonder Woman On Set Video
19. FOOL: You Honestly Won’t Believe This Is Going To Happen
20. Total Film Gives Us Three Retro X-Men Covers

And Ten You Might Have Missed…

1. SCOOP: Prometheus To Shoot At Scottish Castle Ruins, In Giger-Esque, Organic Tunnels
2. Jim Shooter On The Great Jack Kirby Arft Theft
3. Sucker Punch: Ten Interesting Questions
4. Jimmy Olsen: The Best ComicOf 2011?
5. Trick’r Treat Sequel Coming?
6. Spider-Man To The Hulk: Peculiar Comic Book Family Trees
7. Trailer For Soul Man: It’s A Bit Like The Incredibles Infused With Blaxploitation
8. P Craig Russell And Will Pfeifer Great New Spirit Comic
9. Dan Scanlon Is Directing Monsters University – But What Else Has He Done?
10. Erik Larsen Invests In New Comic Store

It’s been a bit of a mad week what with signings, book launches, watching Wondercon and generally having long arduous meetings. But I’ll have a table at KaPow next week, with union jack table cloth, so I’ll see you there. Ooh, reminds, me got to send in my health and safety form…

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