Will Swamp Thing Return For Earth Day? (UPDATE)

Ever since China Mieville’s Swamp Thing series was canned after five issues were dropped in the Vertigo bin, the expectation is that Swamp Thing would return to the DC Universe and that the series Brightest Day by Geoff Johns would be the means to do so. And the whole forest in Star City, and the tree in the middle got all sorts of people excited, including me.

And then Geoff started writing promising stories about elementals both in Brightest Day and in the upcoming Aquaman.

But A Comic Shop retailer and Bleeding Cool Award winner Aaron Haaland took it one step further. And in bar conversation at C2E2 pointed out that the final issue of Brightest Day ships on Wednesday April the 20th.

And that Earth Day is Friday, April the 22nd.

Fun coincidence, no? If, that is, Swamp Thing is returning…

I still think Si Spurrier was barking up the wrong vine with this theory though.

UPDATE: Ah, scratch that. It was a nice theory but scheduling may have scuppered it. Another retailer tells me they were told that the last issue’s extra size has delayed the book a week…

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