Redesigning The Batmobile With Car Design Fetish

Car Design Fetish has been running a competition to redesign the Batmobile. The US winner was Paul Denton (below) and the International winner was Matt Gould (below that).

The remaining entries follow, all copyright their respective creators. With design elements that are possibly DC Entertainment’s.

Paul Denton

John Duckett

Matt Gould

Omer Sagiv

Salvatore Simonetti

Sebastian Moreno Porras

We’ve received SO MANY ENTRIES!  Here’s the terrific second set of entries.  We’ll do one more set later today.

The image above comes courtesy Adnan Hadi.

All images are copyright their respective owners.


Andrew Panteleyev

Andris Vigyázó

Anthony Franze

Ashish Mohan

Carlos Eduardo de Carvalho

Chelgham Mounir

Chris Bednarczyk

Daniel Manyika

Daron Vorsganian

Don Leblanc

Easterson Solomon

Emmanuel Cisternas

Fernando Hernandez

Fryderyk Zyska

Here’s the 3rd set of images.  Stay tuned later tonight for the final set, and then we’ll announce the winner tomorrow!

The image above is from Gerardo Delgado Martínez.

All images are copyright their respective owners.

Giorgio Viola

Huynh Ngoc Lan

Jack Clements

Jaesung Kim

Jason Battersby

Peter Cansfield

Jim Palau-Ribes

John Duckett

Jonathan Brault

JunWoo Park

Ken Clark

Kevin Smit

Kislay Yadav

Koen Balthazar

Leonardo Magana

Luis Fonseca

Here’s the final set of Batmobile entries that made it on time!  If yours didn’t show up in any of these sets, please let us know and we will add it into another set.  The concept above comes to us from Lukas Jurk.

All images copyright their respective creators.

Mahander Singh

Marcelo Aguiar

Maurice Silva

Mauro Fiorentino

Nicky Dunderdale

Oto Arantes


Paul Denton

Paulo Encarnação

Peng Hsuan Hung

Priyanshu Anand

Raza A. Bashir

Soochan Lee

Steve Brown

Tim Jester

Toby Melville-Brown

Tom Dunn

Xavier Gordillo

Yan Gostev

Yang Fan

Yashwant Yadav

Here’s the last set of images, that we may have missed posting in previous sets.

The image above is from Bruno Andrade.

All images copyright respective creators.

Gage Singh

Leonardo Castilho

Phil Moo

Robert Glowczak

Tan Sohanpall

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