Friday Trending Topics: You've Been Granitoed

Controversy and revelations pile up on the Rob Granito saga over the MegaCon weekend. Meanwhile, there's Mickey Mouse, Captain America, and Doctor Who news piling up views. Ashley Green's underwear didn't make the cut tonight, sadly enough, and while it's no substitute, I've added a Trending Topics Extra on our most popular recent Swipe Files.

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

Who On Earth Is Rob Granito? (UPDATE)

Yes I am currently working iwth Jay Diddilo on a batman title that has not yet been released. I've worked on dozens of books the shaddow of the bat being the batman title I was on for about 4 weeks. Most of my work has been covers though. The current took deals with a bit more of the history of the "batman" then his current exploits though.

More Fun With Rob Granito Before MegaCon

He seems to be the con artist who keeps giving and giving.

Yes Orlando, Rob Granito IS At MegaCon – Pics

He's at MegaCon at his table, and his manager claims he's considering leaving him.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

SCOOP: Mickey Mouse's First Feature Length Film Being Developed At Disney

Just about time that Mickey got his own feature, wouldn't you say? And I'd be over the moon for more Donald and Goofy any way I can get them.

The Complete New Captain America Trailer Is Here (UPDATE: Now In Official Marvel HD)

There's been lots of tease leading up to this one, and finally, here we are — the full Captain America trailer starring Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Tommy Lee Jones.

The Latest Doctor Who Trailers… Are They Haunted?

Before I spook you out entirely, here's something much more benign: a trailer for the prequel to the new series of Doctor Who.

Trending Topics EXTRA: Most-Read Swipe Files Of The Past 3 Months:

Swipe File: Elisabeth Nogales And… The Internet

Illustrator Elisabeth Nogales is under considerable criticism for her work and… its similarity to other work, often by people without the sources of income she has.

Swipe File: Supergirl Vs Spider-Woman

This is Supergirl. A TV Movie in Indonesia showing from today on MNC TV and made by Soraya Intercine Film, that bears no relation to the DC Comics character.

Swipe File: Transformers Fan Art Vs Car Insurance Advertorial

Comics Alliance recently ran/possibly-even-created (still not sure on that) a car insurance infographic feature that purported to show the original Transformers from the eighties cartoon alongside the vehicles they transformed into.

Most-Clicked Graphics Today:

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