Could Moonstone Publish Marvel Comics?

The Captain Action toy/comic revival has been going great guns the last couple of years. A toy character you can dress up as other characters – and then get a spinoff series out of. Back in the day, in more innocent licensing times, the character was sold with all manner of branded costumes. But that kind of mix-and-match is a lot harder these days.

But I understand that Ed Catto of CA Enterprises and the Bonfire Agency has done a deal with Marvel and Round 2 to sell Captain America and Spider-Man costumes for Captain Action, launching this autumn, followed by Iron Man and Thor next year.

But the big question I'm asking is – the company already license out a Captain Action comic featuring the character in all the costumes they sell. So.. will the deal mean that current Captain Action publishers Moonstone, or another company, will be able to publish comics featuring Captain Action as those Marvel characters? Which, with the right creative team, could be indistinguishable from the real thing?

It's certainly a possibility – what else will debut at NYCC?

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