Wednesday Trending Topics: Stan Lee On The Stand, The Wasp Stays On Her Toes, And Heroes In A Half Shell

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We’ll be adding tv/film entries from the right hand column in the trending topics. I think I heard Brendon promise we’d have yet another big movie scoop soon if I did this, so let’s hold him to that.

These are today’s most-read comic stories.

The Big Debate Over The Wasp’s Bottom

Over at the Statue Marvels forum, professional genre statue designers are posting their designs off to fans and getting instant feedback. And Randy Bowen has been showing off his company’s new Wasp designs. And while response has been mostly positive, there is one wrinkle. Or rather, a few wrinkles.

The Stan Lee Deposition On The Origins Of The Marvel Universe For Kirby Family Vs Marvel Lawsuit

Observers of the ongoing Kirby family v Marvel case have long wondered what Stan Lee would have to say on the subject. Now, finally, we get to find out.

Set Visits For Spider-Man Vs Superman XXX

That’s right folks, on the back of shooting Spider-Man XXX, Vivid Video are also filming their first superhero parody brand crossover, Spider-Man Vs Superman XXX. Marvel and DC may not get along anymore, and are not interested in crossovers of any kind – so where the official brand refuses to go, the porn parody steps in.

Wednesday Comics Review: New Avengers 10 and Batman Inc 3

Jonathan Hickman recently revealed that SHIELD had a long and rich history going back thousands of years into the Marvel Universe.

The John Romita Deposition For The Kirby Family Vs Marvel Lawsuit

Last year, he and several others were called to give depositions in the Kirby family v Marvel case which involves the Kirby family’s quest to terminate Marvel’s copyrights on 45 characters Kirby helped create. Transcripts of these depositions have recently become public.

These are today’s most-read movie & tv stories:

Doctor Who Meets An Old Friend, A New Friend… And An Old Enemy?

Filming is currently underway on the climactic two-parter that will close out the second half of this year’s double-barreled Who.

Professor X, Magneto Loom Large On New X-Men First Class Posters

A pair of stark new X-Men: First Class posters will hit theaters this weekend, and the images hit the movie’s official facebook page earlier tonite. There’s some mixed feelings out there already about the design on these but they do grab your attention.

Sylvester Stallone Will Not Write Or Direct The Expendables Sequel, But He Will Be In It

The Expendables 2 is moving forward, which is not surprising considering that it was proposed even before the first one was made. This time, though, the original film’s driving force may be content to take a back seat.

The New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. New. Image. Thanks Wall Street Journal and Topless Robot. Nickelodeon. $60 million. 2012. Eastman and Laird’s metaphorical graves. Spinning?

Look! It’s Havok In X-Men: First Class

It remains to be seen what kind, or size, of role Havok will have in Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class. I’d also be taking wild shots in the dark if I were to speculate as to why he’s pictured here in a burning… hangar? Tunnel?

And finally: An argument between Sheen supporters and detractors seems to have broken out in the @bleedingcool twitter stream. Whose side are you on?

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