Manhattan Comics War Of The Websites

Manhattan Comics War Of The Websites

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Cosmic Comics used to be a New York comic book store. It was sold at the end of last year to new owners who renamed it Manhattan Comics.

According the the old owner Mark Friedman, the new owners Robert and Gary agreed to pay $6,400 for specially selected stock. However after the deal the new owners asked if they could split the payment over two weeks. However when collecting the second payment Robert told Mark that he couldn’t afford the payment and needed an extension. After three weeks without payment, they agreed to pay 10% of the remaining $3,200 every month.

No payment has yet been made.

This coincided with a series of removed negative posts appearing on the Cosmic Comics webite, still owned and operated by Mark about Manhattan Comics. And they objected to the logo of the site still having the old store address, and no mention of Manhattan Comics.

Well neither side sees to budge. The old owners won’t make these changes until they are paid. The new owners won’t make these payments until the changes are made. The current Cosmic Comics site states

Cosmic comics is closed for business. We recommend you take your business to either: Roger’s Time Machine, Forbidden Planet, or Midtown Comics. Please do not do business with the current occupant of 10 east 23rd, Manhattan Comics as it is run by very dishonest people (and i don’t mean Jacklyn or Josh).

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