Seven Things I Learned About Emerald City Comic Con

Seven Things I Learned About Emerald City Comic Con

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1. Yes there are a number of Seattle’s Real Life Superheroes present at the show. No sign of Phoenix Jones as of yet. Or at least not in costume. At least not in his Phoenix Jones costume.

2. Blogger Erica McGillivray got people to cheeer for an ongoing Lois Lane series at the DC Nation panel. Subsequent tweets frpm others seem to indicate that people think this was actually announced. Who knows, by the end of the weekend it may well be.

3. Wil Wheaton channelled the Big Bang Theory Evil Wil Wheaton on stage saying “I haven’t signed like a single fucking boob today. This convention’s a drag.” Watch for him on Eureka this year and next.

4. The “new” cover for the Flex Mentallo oversized hardcover was originally drawn in 1996.

5. The long awaited New Titans Games HC will be out this autumn.

6. Skullkickers has extended to a second story arc.

7. “Somebody drops a bunch of quarters by the booth – “Dude, you just Scott Pilgrimed all over the floor.”” – cartoonist Dylan Meconis.

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