Justice League: Rise Of Arsenal Nominated For Prism Awards

The Prism Awards are awarded to “outstanding accomplishments in the accurate depiction of substance abuse and mental health disorders: prevention, treatment and recovery, in film, television, interactive, comic book, music, and DVD entertainment…”

Basically, a bit like the GLAAD awards. And this year, for the first time, they have included an award for comic books. And yes, as the title of this piece suggests, Justice League: Rise Of Arsenal, one of the most abused books of last year is nominated.

It is joined by the cancelled Vertigo book Greek Street #12-14, Neil Young’s Greendale, Marvel’s Hawkeye And Mockingbird #1-6 and the Sentry storyline across Dark Avengers Annual #1/Dark Avengers #13-16/Siege #1-4/Sentry: Fallen Sun #1.

Which are all rather restrictive choices, but damn, Rise Of Arsenal? Where a hopped up rapey knucklehead first tries to have violent sex with the mother of his dead daughter, before realising he’s impotent, getting on some kind of hallucinogenic heroin so he ends up fighting his friends with a dead catin an alley- and it’s not actually meant to be funny?

“Accurate depiction” indeed. Nominating Kick Ass would have made more sense.

At the time, Bleeding Cool struggled to find positive reviews. I guess this counts.

The ceremony for the 15th Annual PRISM Awards will be held on April 28, 2011 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

You know, picking the Sentry storyline would probably be just as funny.

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