Britain’s The Statesman Revealed As Mild Mannered Bank Clerk, Scott Cooke

And this is how long a superhero secret identity would last in real life.

Britain’s street superhero The Statesman has been revealed by the Sun as Scott Cooke, 26, who works as an advisor in a high street branch of the Santander bank and lives with his girlfriend of ten years – though he still takes his clothes home to be washed by his mum.

He’s ex-Territorial Army (think Mike off of Spaced, folks) and he had kept his identity secret. Except a full face photo in national newspapers with that very distinctive beard did kind of give the game away.

The Sun quotes his mum saying “I thought something funny was going on because he was going out until the early hours. He was always driving to Birmingham late at night in his Fiat Punto. I was worried he was drinking. I was amazed when I saw what he had really been up to… It was shocking to see him as a superhero. I’ve not put the outfit in the wash yet. He must wear it under his clothes when he goes out crime-fighting and launder it himself.”

Don't be out late ... crime-busting Scott Cooke's mum Dawn lays down the law

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