Wednesday Runaround – Anyone Want A Job In Publishing? Must Live In Glasgow And Be A Mind Reader

McKeanWatch: A Dave McKean illustration for… Rick Veitch’s son Kirby, twenty years ago.

TweetWatch: Mark Millar

SCOTTISH MEDIA JOB OFFER. Wanted – Advertising Sales Exec for new magazine, Glasgow City Centre. Contact
That Glasgow-based magazine job I tweeted about yesterday didn’t get one single reply or application. Nothing! You lazy fuckers :)
Oops! Wrong email address yesterday for that Glasgow media job. Send CVs to Sorry about that (blushes).

PressWatch: Biff! Pow! Los Angeles Times uses really cliched headline to sell a piece on a Presdential advisor writing an Obamacare comic book.

KickStarterWatch: Dave Miller’s Understanding Women, The Comic Strip is looking for funding.

AvatarWatch: To follow up their Free Comic Book Day comic, Dark Horse will begin publishing Avatar The Airbender comic. Avatar: The Last Airbender—The Lost Adventures will be released on July 13th, 240 pages with 70 pages of new material that Nicikelodeon did not publich.

Then in 2012 Dark Horse will create all-new material as digest-style original graphic novels, picking up where the season three TV series  finale left off, “this new series will follow the further adventures of Aang and his friends, as they help to rebuild a world torn apart by 100 years of war.”

BC ComicChronThis is The Bleeding Cool ComicChron Robot speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

Could DCUO be Kingdom Come’s Prologue?

With regards to Kingdom Come. Could the events in DCUO be the prologue (assuming several years will still need to pass until then) to that story?

Look at it from DCUO’s backstory:

Timeline A: Lex instigated (I assume) a full-scale metahuman war on the Justice League and their allies. In then end, Luthor wins, but at the cost of being wholly unprepared for, and unable to defend against, Brainac’s invasion. So, he travels back in time to warn the present-day Big Three, and unleashes exobytes upon the Earth, granting the Average Joe significant powers. Brainiac seems to invade much early.

This, therefore, negates Timeline A.

But now we’re in a time where metahumans number in the thousands, as in Kingdom Come (which doesn’t say how this vast population increase came about). Very, very few are bound by the Justice League’s membership rules. There is random fighting in the streets between these new generation of heroes and villains (PvP), but with the Mentoring by the Legends, these are largely controlled. Eventually, Brainac will be defeated (is that a L30 mission?) and the world will be no longer be under threat from the Artificial Construct. Indeed, in Kingdom Come, Superman states that Brainac was ‘destroyed’ in the story’s past, and is now dormant – the events of which are also undisclosed.

However, in a few years, could it be conceivable that these Next Gen Metas will be the ones that run amok, as they do in KC?

Additionally, could Future Lex, after unleashing the Exobytes, inform Present Lex of the future and of the war that was avoided (as well as any defensive techniques/weapon systems he developed)? This could be the factor that drives Present Lex into forming his own Human League (or whatever it was called).

Interview: Gail Simone Talks Death of Oracle

But the way death is sold, and made into an ‘event,’ I just find it unimaginative. I am not talking about the new Fantastic Four, by the way, Jonathan Hickman is one of the few writers I trust absolutely to put a new spin on such a thing. But in general, it’s just this required bit of nonsense to give the latest crossover a bit of gravitas…it’s silly.

Chris Sprouse on The Return of Bruce Wayne

“This was one of the most unusual projects I’ve drawn. It was quite a challenge drawing a Batman story where almost everything visual about the character as we know him is missing. Therefore my main goal while drawing my chapter was to make Bruce Wayne stand and move and act like Batman even while out of his normal costume.

New York Comic-Con’s servers buckle too | The Beat

While lost in the SDCC ticket sell-out hoopla, it’s a curious fact that tickets for New York Comic-Con in October went on sale Monday at noon, and here again there was a lot of demand, although nowhere near San Diego levels.

Nathan Wilson: An Interview with Geoff Johns Part 2 « The Comics Journal

I talk to Grant a lot because I think that Grant is my favorite writer in comics. I think that Grant also has a really, really smart perspective on superheroes and we talk a lot about superheroes and myth and trends and new things to do.

Yesterday’s Man of Tomorrow: Superman 2000

There are many great powers to the Internet. We have total interaction with the present moment through news sites, we are given insights into what people are thinking through blogs and editorials, we are given access to knowledge and history through sites like Wikipedia.  And sometimes, once in awhile, one finds an artifact that represents not only the time it was created in, but also a vision of a future, in many cases, a future that was never to exist.

Jeph Loeb: Teen Wolf, Heroes, Lost – now Marvel? on Vimeo

Writer Jeph Loeb is responsible for the classic “Teen Wolf” movie featuring Michael J. Fox as the teenager with an extreme gland problem, Six weeks later he follows up with with Arnold Schwarzenneger in “Commando”. Not a bad start for his writing career at the age of 23.



Here are some variant covers to close out your day. First up? Alex Garner ’s cover of WONDER WOMAN #608. Then, as always, Kevin Maguire delivers a great cover to JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST #21. [Updated] Yildiray Cinar (not Scott Kolins) has a variant to FLASH #10 as the prelude to FLASHPOINT continues. Last and certainly not least? A stunning variant of BATMAN AND ROBIN #21 by Tony S. Daniel.

Ben Templesmith Rides The Squid.

So I did this image for a book cover for Caitlin Kittredge’s new thang, “Curse of Four” from Subterranean Press. One of my favourite images I’ve done in a long while actually.

Fox News Hates “Bulletstorm,” Gets Every Fact Wrong

So we were just talking to comic-book writer extraordinaire Rick Remender—who also wrote Bulletstorm—and he mentioned this hilarious article that he’d just read that manages to pre-emptively blame the game for an uptick in rapes.

Archie’s Jon Goldwater Talks Digital Comics & the Comics Code at Comic Book News, Reviews, and Previews – The Blog From Another World

I think Marvel and DC and all the other comic book companies will follow our lead–as they’ve been doing, quite honestly, in everything we’ve been doing so far at Archie.

ICv2 – Gareb Shamus: The ICv2 Interview, Part 2

The problem is the comics industry has not taken a leadership position in helping these guys. Their sales continue to fall, they’ve been falling for a long time, and nobody’s taken a leadership position in helping these stores pay their bills. And I feel bad for them.

Homebrew superhero suit could be the future of fashion | DVICE

Created by a team of students from Technical University Eindhoven, their suit for the imaginary superhero Axon may look menacing and powerful, but will imbue the wearer with no special powers other than visual cool. The team used LilyPad Arduino (a micro-controller board designed for wearables and e-textiles) to run the 260 LEDs and 52 reed switches that give the suit its looks.

‘Mined to death’? ‘X-Men’ director says Hollywood is killing the superhero movie | Hero Complex – Los Angeles Times

The clock is ticking on the superhero craze in Hollywood, according to Matthew Vaughn, the director now filming “X-Men: First Class” for Fox in London.

Trailer for Animated Superhero Flick ‘The Prodigies’ is Awesome | FilmWatch

The Prodigies: La Nuit des Enfants Rois is a French flick about kids with super powers who concoct the ultimate revenge. Like take out an entire city! I think many of you might balk at the animation, but this looks interesting and pretty damn epic.


Henry Rollins and Rowdy Roddy Piper Voicing Characters in GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD KNIGHTS

Henry Rollins as Kilowog. Yes, the legendary punk rocker/spoken word artist/actor/radio host/frequent talking head on VH1 shows is going to be voicing the famed Green Lantern trainer in Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, the latest DC Animation straight-to-DVD release, set for June 7 of this year (10 days before the live-action, Ryan Reynolds-starred Green Lantern film hits theaters, and that’s not at all a coincidence).

The Most Interesting Thing I’ve Read All Day

Erik Larsen and Kurt Busiek are talking via Twitter about Larsen’s desire to do an off-site event Comic-Con International weekend, so as to serve area comics fans that were unable to purchase tickets to this year’s show.

January Jones Dishes On Emma Frost’s ‘X-Men: First Class’ Costumes

“That one has a cape sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t. I have a lot of boots. I have a lot of leather. A lot of sparkly stuff. A lot of big hair,” she explained, adding that her wardrobe will likely please Frost fans everywhere.

Spidey Super Stories

A recurring theme in just about all the reviews is that the show suffers from a general disrespect for the source material; that the creators of the stage version weren’t content to do the Spider-Man from decades of comic books. They had to reinvent the property, doing their vision of the character…as opposed to, say, the one concocted by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

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