Facebook Deletes Vampire Vixens Comic Page

Comic artist Alex Ronald has posted to his blog;

For any of you that were following the Vampire Vixen Facebook page, I’m sorry but Facebook has removed it and I’ve been issued with a warning that “hateful and threatening” content will not be tolerated.

It’s a shame they never read the FB info page because they would have quickly found that it’s not a Nazi propaganda device but quite an old fashioned style war story with a supernatural element, namely Vampires. The villains are still the Nazis and its no different to the way they are depicted in films like Raiders of the Lost Ark or where Eagles Dare, i.e. they are despicable.

Vampire Vixens Of The Wehrmacht appears in the new issue of British counterculture comic Wasted #7 out now.

If anyone from Facebook is reading, we urge you to reverse your decision. There is precendent over this exact thing, the Facebook page for the movie Iron Sky was closed down over a plot involving a Nazi invasion of the Moon. That decision was later reversed when sanity was restored.

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