The Wedding Cake Of Tony And Tracy Lee

Yesterday, Tony Lee and Tracy Lee got themselves hitched. This was their wedding cake.

Yup, it’s going to be one of those marriages, isn’t it? Messages were read out from the likes of Neil Gaiman, Leslie Klinger, Kim Newman, Dan Didio, Elizabeth Miller, Noel Clarke, Pia Guerra & Ian Boothby, Tanya Baldwin, Ant Jones and Rich Starkings.

Yes, they seem happy enough. Here are more photos, grabbed from the Facebook files of Lee Barnett, Alice Doyle and more attendees.

And the final “oh my god, what the hell have I done” from Tracy there… could it have been after this genuine letter from Prince Caspian’s Ben Barnes was read out?

No contest Tracy, Tony has a fair better selection of waistcoasts. And we all know that’s what matters in a man!

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