Flashpoint To Retitle And Renumber All Manner Of DC Titles

I understand from one British source that Flashpoint, the Geoff Johns-showrun Flash crossover event is going to be like the X-Men’s Age Of Apocalypse, currently being revisited as Age Of X, in more ways than just creating an alternate universe.

Just as happened with the Xbooks back then, so a number of DC books are going to be cancelled and replaced with renamed mini-series that reflect the new reality.

Of course, Age Of Apocalypse only retitled and renumbered eight titles – so Excalibur became X-Calbre, that sort of thing. A DC source implied that Flashpoint will do this but on a grander, cross-company scale. That it may affect more titles than their usual crossover might, including Blackest Night.

So what will we get? Inaction Comics? Jonah Hex And The Outsiders? Batman And Robin Hood?

Well, no, I just made those up. But I might be right. Let’s look forward to finding out together…

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