Flex Mentallo Collected For The First Time (If You Don’t Count The Italian One)

DC’s Graphic Content blog has confirmed what Grant Morrison rumoured earlier this year, that DC Vertigo is to finally collect the Flex Mentallo comic. DC were initially sued by Charles Atlas over copyright and trademark issues regarding the book, but the case was dismissed by the judge. However as part of the letters presented to court, DC Comics stated that they wouldn’t publish the four issue series in trade. And that policy stood until certain recent changes in the company.

And now the book is back, in a deluxe hardcover version later in the year. One of Frank Quitely’s earlier works for DC and spinning out of Grant Morrison and Richard Case’s Doom Patrol, it predates his rise to fame in The Authority and New X-Men. and has been much sought after.

Or you could just order the Italian version, which has been in print for a decade…

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